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Raised Flower Beds
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Today we will look at raised flower beds and the advantages of same. Like the vegetables in raised beds, flowers will thrive in their new found elevated surroundings for similar reasons. The soil is not compacted, it is fertile from the composted mix and the moisture and drainage problems are literally non existent. It is a good idea to have at least a depth of 8-10 inches, regardless of the size of the framed bed as this will ensure that the soil don’t drain out too quickly and this will help with moisture retention. Some people like to have the frame of their raised flower beds looking a slight bit more attractive than those beds that are used for their vegetables: the idea being that flowers are to enhance the appearance of a garden.

Size: What size of a raised flower bed will depend entirely on the space we have in our back or front garden. The sizes and shapes can be of any dimension, let us use our creativity and imagination to decide what would look best. Remember that these raised bed frames are available online in flat-pack and come with instructions and are available in any shape, colour or size. A good idea is to have a few raised beds, say of 4ft x 4ft in size, and strategically placed in each corner of your lawn. This will break-up the monotonous appearance of our grass lawn, thus adding character and becoming a feature of same.

Planting soil type. When deciding on what soil type to use for the raised flower beds, the decision is not that tasking. Unlike what we need for vegetables, the soil mix is pretty standard and not overly important. Depending on how particular we are as gardeners – some people use a substance called vermiculite; this lightens the soil texture and provides aeration which will provide excellent conditions for flowers. Peat moss is also added to the mix which will add to the richness of the soil. We need to take great care when planting flowers or shrubs that don’t like lime in the soil. Advice on this can be had from any good garden centre. It is a good idea to check if we have a problem with acidity in our soil and this can be done with the help of a soil testing kit.

Watering and maintenance. When all planting is complete, the next important issue to consider is watering and maintenance. In the initial stages of growth it is paramount that we don’t overlook these vital tasks. After the flowers have become established, a good idea is to add a liquid feed to all the raised beds. This will ensure good sturdy growth and will provide a myriad of colour that hopefully we will in time be very proud of. In the summertime it is very pleasurable to sit and admire, especially when the garden is in full bloom. Not only will it become attractive for ourselves, but hopefully this will also become a magnet for all types of honeybees, insects and colourful butterflies.

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