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Assessing The Usefulness Of Technology In The Translation Services Industry
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It could be true that technology may be not good enough to replace humans in every translation or interpreting process. But it is possibly true that it can help to accomplish various stages of translation procedures.

Through technology, large volumes of translation work can now be achieved; the efficiency and quality of the translation product are guaranteed. Thus, technology can actually be helpful and useful in so many ways in translation processes.

In our digital age, electronics are very helpful not only for purposes of writing texts efficiently, but it also makes the communication process easy and convenient. Today, the internet is popular as an effective tool for communication, and that is why translators and interpreters from all over the world are more reachable for regular contact for various communication purposes. Thus, work can easily be done across the world with different cultures.

However, technology may be helpful, but it doesn’t mean that all information delivered will be understood easily. Working with clients from all over the world is one of the trickiest parts of working in the translation industry. In terms of the different world time zones, translation agencies and translators are struggling making assurances in meeting the translation requirements, including the deadline of submitting back the product to the client.

A professional translation service is all about giving the best and highest degree of translation work in order to build a good relationship between a client and the language provider. But how can the client trust a language provider if they are most likely dependent on technology or machine translation? If a machine or technology makes a big contribution in translation process, does it mean that technology can provide an accurate language translation?

Living in a modern world, humans are getting more dependent on the use and help of technologies from communication to transportation and to translations of medical documents. However, when it comes to language translation, only humans can understand and effectively translate the cultural context between the source text and target language. In addition, machine translations often produce literal translation and thus, they does not recognize and translate idioms or slang words that do not commonly appear in the machine memory.

Generally speaking, machines and new technology are helpful to the speed of the translating process; however, the effect is not always great in every translation field. Hence, it is most likely that professional translation language providers use machines and technology not to produce a final product, say a complete legal translation, but to provide speed in order to meet the time required for translation.

Obviously, machine cannot manage the intelligent work of human translators. Thus, when it comes to language translation and localization, it is always necessary to seek a professional human translator to ensure that the quality of the product is guaranteed and satisfactory.

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