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Funny French Words: We Dare You Not To Giggle!
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Ah, French, the language of love. Is there nothing more beautiful than an ardent admirer telling you j’et adore? But, what if you are sitting around with your best buddies and no one wants to hear anything about any door, let alone hear you bossing people around to shut it all of the time? Learning to say some funny French words is not only an amusing way to expand your vocabulary, it is also a way to make your friends dub you the smart one. That feels pretty good, no?

There are a number of French words that sound like they might mean something entirely different. “Piger” is one of the best examples. The word sounds like you are calling someone one of our porcine friends when in fact you are merely saying that you understand. Piger is the verb “to understand” So, while you are telling your friend John that you understand his latest idiot tirade about some nonsense that no one really cares about, old John is pretty sure that your funny French words are equating him to Monsieur Curly Tail. Depending on john’s normal reaction to such things, you had better learn to duck if need be. By the way, the funny French word for duck is “canard”.

From the time we are little children, we learn words for our body parts, especially the naughty bits. Now, the words that we use will depend on our parents and their personal hang ups. Some families insist that you use the clinical terminology while others come up with some pet name or another.

Leave it to the French to come up with the funny French words that can stand in for those parts of the body for the truly squeamish but totally American family, those who just are too uptight to hear little Billy say the “right” word for what he has got. Le zizi is the word that the French so cleverly use for both boy bits and girl bits, usually from early childhood on. While it might not be so sexy and romantic for an adult Frenchman to say, it has a special sense of both playful and romantic when used as a pet word by an adult American man.

Another of the funny French words is funny in a special way: it is one of the dual meaning words that every language in the world has. Le chat means exactly what you think it does- both your family pet and the other meaning, you naughty beast! But, it is by no means the only word for that particular body part. There is a list of words for both female and male anatomy, but we will leave you to discover those words on your own!

Finally, if you get a chance to learn real, funny French words from a native speaker, you will more than likely find out this interesting little fact: for all the talk of love and romance, the French have a particular affinity for a bodily function that is neither lovely or romantic at all- your friend John might actually learn that little grouping of French words if you let him in on the secret!

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