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How To Learn To Speak French Quickly
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In this article we are going to talk how to learn to speak French quickly once you know how to do it.

There are a lot of different reason why you might want to learn to speak french.

You could be travelling to a country where they speak French and speaking their languages could go a long way especially if you do not like to be treated as a tourist (cash-machine), and want to get more enjoyment out of your experience in that country.

You might have some french friends or colleagues and want to talk to and relate to them. Or you might just brush up your existing skills.

You could want to increase your income potential in your business or just enjoy learning french because you are fascinated by this beautiful language. Whatever the reason might be, the most important factor to learn a new language the easy way is the commitment you put into it.

Many people when they start to learn a new language fall into the trap of thinking of buying a course and start from lesson one. This way could be a solution but it is definitely not the best and easiest way.

There are few first steps you can adopt to make sure that your learning process will be easy and pain-free, regardless of what tools you decide to use.

How to Learn to Speak French Quickly - Step 1: Review your own language first

You might have forgotten the basics of your language structure and grammar. I am not telling you to get your old book and review the old concepts and principles. Besides I am going to tell you to stay away from the high points and refresh only the basics for the moment. You need to know about the subject and predicate and how to structure a sentence. I am talking about the subject and predicate of the sentence and how they fit together and then nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.

The reason for this is that will make the learning process a lot easier. You are going to look for similarities to your own language when you will try to remember new vocabularies and part of sentences of the new language.

what you really need to prepare yourself to is opening your mind to new concepts and rules, on occasion for no other reason than that's just the way it is.

How to Learn to Speak French Quickly - Step 2: Listen to and speak the new language in a safe and quiet place.

Once you have reviewed the basics of the grammar of you language you ready for next step. Nowadays you will find french language in recorded audio almost anywhere. I would suggest taking a fast and slow approach to developing your listening abilities. The slow one requires you to find a beginner audio course to download online or on CD. There are many free recorded audio online, but they are normally limited sample.

While you are listening to your beginner audio you should try listening to the fast lane too. Get few french movie with or without subtitles to get the feeling of the speed and pronunciation. Also listening to french radio station or tv channel is good as well even if you will understand only few bunch of words.

Try repeating the words and phrases immediately focusing on the sound of the words, where the accent fall in particular.

How to Learn to Speak French Quickly - Step 3: Make Conversation

You now can take part in simple conversation either real or simulated. Even if you just cover greetings, meetings and presentation, it is important that you start or risking becoming one of those that knows everything about the theory but cannot open his mouth. Don't worry if you sound funny all you have to do is smile and say that you are learning. You'll probably be rewarded with few new phrases.

Learning a new language is really and truly a rewarding experience for you and for all the people you are now able to communicate with your new skill.

Enjoy it!

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