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Learn In Spanish - Dont Be Shy To Speak
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For all of us that want to learn Spanish the best way is to learn in Spanish and to speak it as frequently as possible. In this article I would like to talk about one of the best ways to learn Spanish.

One of the things that hold many of us back when we learn a foreign language is our fear of making mistakes. The idea that nothing is good unless it is perfect might be one of the reasons people may not succeed in other areas of their lives too.

We often want to know every detail, understand everything before we take action. We may know everything in theory, but unless we take action nothing is going to change for the better. As someone said: “Even if you sit in your car in the driveway you are going nowhere unless you actually drive on to the road.” This applies to Spanish too. Speak whenever you can.

One of the reasons why people learn very fast if they are in the country where people speak Spanish is because they are forced to speak whatever litte they know. They would otherwise not get by.

Learn in Spanish - Don't let it be boring

When I was at school I had 5 years of German classes, but after those years I could hardly speak a word of German. In my opinion there were two vital mistakes in the teaching.

  • First of all, the teachers presented their courses in a very boring fashion making the language sound hard und uninteresting. I associated German as a hard and boring language which isn’t true of course.
  • Secondly, a lot of things that we learnt in class was presented in English instead of German.

In other words if you want to learn Spanish you have to learn in Spanish!

Make use of every opportunity to speak Spanish and if you cannot find someone to speak to, listen to the Radio or listen to Spanish music. Whatever you do immerse yourself in the language. From my own experience, and I think this where I made the biggest improvement in my language skills, is when I started reading out loud.

You may start off with a simple text from a children’s book and as an advanced Speaker you could read from a novel or a newspaper. This helps your pronunciation and at the same time it improves your grammar.

A Spanish teacher in the U.S. uses hand puppets to teach here classes to speak Spanish. Her pupils will start off behind a curtain and then let the puppet speak Spanish. They don’t get embarrassed if they make mistakes and they lose their fear of speaking. She says that she only speaks Spanish in class. The progress her pupils make is fantastic and they find it easy to learn Spanish in this way.

Learn in Spanish – Nobody is going lo laugh

Remember nobody is going to laugh if you make mistakes and people are always willing to help someone who tries to speak Spanish. Should you find if difficult to find someone to Speak to, there are many Spanish online classes that you could use to learn. Whatever you do speak, speak and speak.

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