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Learning Foreing Languages Is Fun And Useful
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Learning foreign languages is fun and useful

Learning a foreign language is lots of fun and can be very useful. Wether it's for travelling, getting that dream job abroad or just for the fun of meeting new people.I was raised in a multilingual community in France in the 70's. Since then I've moved back to my home country in Montreal Canada, have gone on to travel and work in many countries and I've now been living in the UK for 12 years. I love languages!

When travelling, it's unbelieveable what a difference it makes to be able to say even just a few words in the local language. The more you can speak to people to more you'll get out of a trip. Anyone who's travelled to a foreign country can tell us a tale about a missunderstanding. At the hotel, in a taxi, at a restaurant etc... That can be very frustrating when trying to catch a flight or a train on time for example. Not getting ripped off is also much easier when we can say what we think. If you speak the language, people will respect you more and are less likely to try and pull a fast one on you. Plus you can barter! Always a bonus.

As I said, I've travelled and worked in many countries throughout my life, so I can speak from personal experience. Learning at least some of the local lingo is like having a VIP pass to privileges that the rest of the tourists don't get. It also make's you feel much more in control of your situation in a foreign environment. It's always easier when we understand what's going on around us. Getting to meet the locals is always handy for extra tips you wouldn't get from a tourist information desk. To find that happening underground night club, how much the locals REALLY pay, or even to find that secret deserted beach, it's all there for the taking when speaking to the locals.

Learning foreign languages has also got me many jobs. Tourist guide in Mexico, stone mason in Greece, English teacher in Viet Nam, just to name a few. That was all achieved by making the effort to speak to people in their own language. It's the same in the business world, allthough the international language is still english, there is a lot more to be gained from a foreign boss or client by communicating in their mother tongue, even if it's just a few greetings and civilities. Obviously the more knowledge you have, the greater the possibilities.

Learning a language is all about getting to meet great people and experiencing life from a different angle. I'm learning russian at the moment with some guys at work. I always carry my phrase book... You never know. But most of all, it's fun! Someone once said to me "If you can make someone laugh with a joke in their language, you've cracked it"

Have fun and enjoy!

Sheol F.

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