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I am new to the Russian language, I started learning it about a year ago. A friend of mine is married to a Ukrainian woman and that started the spark of my wanting to learn the language. She has been married to him for 10 years and she speaks English very well now and giggles at most of my Russian. Yet it is a fun journey for I have found friends in Russia and Ukraine that help me learn Russian and I in return help them learn English. More me helping them learn English for we seem to chat more in English than Russian. I have been lucky in finding my friends overseas for they truly are interested in helping me learn their language. But I do so love the Russian language and I will try to tell you why.

If you listen to the music from Russia or watch their live theater you will see and incredible talent. I like rock music however I listen to all styles and types of music, yet I find the rock music from Saint Petersburg and Moscow intoxicating for it is so filled with what makes music the driving love affair of our souls. The Alternative rock band Slot out of Moscow with the help of an American out of Bakersfield California sings their hard driving music in English. My Bakersfield California friend writes their lyric into English and also teaches them English all while teaching Business English to the locals in Moscow. However I personally prefer when their vocalist sing in Russian. I think it helps drives me to want to learn the Russian language more. I really enjoy the music from Russian and I also enjoy the music from Ukraine and am learning all the time of music from other places around the world through my facebook friends. If you visit my facebook page you will see that a vast majority of my facebook friends are from Russia and Ukraine. There is a reason for that for I am truly interested in learning of Russia, Ukraine and their language.

That was one of my motivations to start learning Russian, the other is the beauty of Russia. I want to go visit there and I do not want to be just a tourist. I want to be able to communicate with the people from there just as I can here. I will have to spend some time at that for I can barley speak the language well enough to say what I mean. I can ask for a cheeseburger or a beer but not much more with the small amount of words in Russian I can speak. I have been learning that in order to learn the language I must be willing to spend time at it and involve myself in the language as much as possible. I have learned many things about how to learn the language now it is up to me to implement them and make them work for me so I can learn at a faster rate.

In my next blog we will learn of my mistakes and victories.

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