Useful English Idioms That Make You Sound Like A Native Speaker
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Useful English Idioms That Make You Sound Like A Native Speaker

Do you want to sound like a native English speaker? Trying to use more idioms in your English can help it sound more natural! Here’s a list of some idioms and sayings that are commonly used in everyday English conversations. We include the idioms and their meaning as well as their example.

All of a sudden: suddenly

She storms into my house all of a sudden.

As to: with regard to

We are put into difference classes as to our English ability.

All along: from the beginning

Do you think he has been cheating us all along?

Come up with (something): to find out an idea or an answer

I finally come up with the topic for my final assignment.

So far: until now

So far, she hasn’t been able to forget about her first love.

With respect to (something): about something

There is another question with respect to the company’s plan for the next year.

Sort of: almost, quite

“Have you finished your homework for the summer break?”

"Sort of, but not really."

Back and forth: from one place to another place and then back again.

He travels back and forth between New York and California.


Bonus: 10 must-know expressions of British slang

If you are a preparing for your trip to England, or you are a writer whose work is set against a British-esque backdrop, this article is meant for your reading! Why? Because it lists out some wicked cool common pieces of British slang. Have a look!

Mate (noun)

“Mate” is used to call a friend, usually a close friend.

Example: I hung out with some mates last night.

Bugger All (noun)

“Bugger all” is a more vulgar way to say “nothing at all.”

Example: I have bugger all to say to him.

Gutted (adjective)

To be “gutted” means to be extremely upset.

Example: She was gutted after her crush rejected her.

Car Park (noun)

“Car park” is a British term referring to a parking lot.

Example: I left my car in the car park before going home last night

Hunky-Dory (adjective)

“Hunky-Dory” is used to describe a situation in which everything is okay, cool and going well.

Example: “Don’t worry, mate! Everything is hunky-dory.”

Starkers (adverb)

“Starkers” refers to a state of being completely naked.

Example: He was standing starkers in the middle of his house when his parents came home from their vacation.

Tickety-Boo (Adjective)

When people say “tickety-boo”, it means that everything is going great.

Example: “It has been a while since our last meet. How’s everything?” “Tickety-boo, mate!”

Blow off (verb)

To “blow off” means to fart. Usually, people say: “Who blew off?” – meaning “who farted?”

Minted (adjective)

If a person is “minted,” he is extremely rich.

Example: She’s young, beautiful and minted.

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