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Why Learn To Speak Japanese? - The Other Reasons
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Why Learn to Speak Japanese?  -  the Other Reasons

Learning to speak the Japanese language, why would you do such a thing?!

Well, there are a number of reasons you could learn Japanese for and they might just surprise you.

The distraction/interruption

The first reason to learn Japanese.

Your friends don't speak it! And neither do your neighbours!

Ever got into a dead end discussion or argument with someone who doesn't listen to reason or logic? I bet you have at some point. At this point it's time to give up and walk away. Time to whip out some Japanese!

What do you say? It doesn't matter really as they don't speak it.. Just say goodbye, or fluffy pancakes in your underwear, wave goodbye and smile as you walk away, whilst leaving them to wonder what the heck just happend. JAPANESED!

Feign ignorance

The second reason to learn Japanese.

A skill you can also use to play the 'innocent foreigner' or gaijin if you prefer. Someone trying to mess with you on public transport? Smile and utter something in Japanese as if you're embracing his or her kind words. They're not kind words.. obviously. But they don't know that you know that!

Secret language

Continuing from the last two, the third reason.

Remember as a kid designing your own secret language and even inventing your own completely new alphabet so you could outsmart anybody, especially adults!


That was just me?

Ahum.. either way. If you learn Japanese with a friends or partner you'll have your very own secret language and even writing! You can discuss all your cunning plans to trick your other friends or secretely decide in advance what flavour pizza you will order.

Small note. This won't work as well if you're presently located in Japan..

Watch new shows and movies

If you can understand Japanese then you have acces to reason four!

You can now watch Japanese movies! Perhaps an acquired taste.. But definatly a lot of interesting movies to choose from! Ranging from old school samurai movies like 'Seven samurai' or 'Yojimbo', bloody messes like 'Ichi the killer' or just plain old strange but interesting movies as 'Zebraman'.

Sure for most of these you can get a version with subtitles, but you usually miss a lot of context and there are a lot of movies lacking English releases.

The Japanese love dramas! And if you do too, then you're in luck! There is an enormous amount of J-dramas available for you to watch! And don't you dare forget about the anime shows! There is something available for everyone! Whether you're into detectives, fighting, slice of life, supernatural, romance and so on!

Watch, watch, watch and watch till you'll never your house again!

So much possibilties!

So, if you´re looking to escape arguments or bullies. Want to have a secret language, or expand the range of media you can watch! Learning Japanese could be something for you!

In the end it´s all about what you want to do with it! These are just a number of the possibilities in learning Japanese! Ah.. also.. you could possibly learn Japanese for work related endevours, a vacation to Japan or educate yourself by learning Japanese. Or you know.. whatever if that´s your cup of tea!

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