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Accept Personal Accountability – A Key To Great Leadership - Power For Everyone
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The cultivation of an accountability-mindset represents an essential dimension of great leadership development.

Even when it appears that a disappointing event was entirely beyond your control, look for how your actions led you into this situation.

Looking for what you do to create what happens to you constitutes a self-imposed leadership training that can prove more valuable than attending any number of team building seminars on how to be an effective leader.

It cultivates the accountability attitude or mindset that will earn trust, command respect, and lead you to higher success.

The value of this self-directed training for leadership is based on the following leadership-power principle: When you accept responsibility for what happens, you accept the power to improve your results!

For instance, let’s say that someone other than you made a bookkeeping error that led to a costly bank service charge.

Or let’s say that you have been made responsible for having your staff implement a new policy that ends up creating a team meltdown, lowering the levels of moral, team work and performance of your staff.

Or let’s say that your child comes home with a disappointing report card.

In all of these instances, it’s easy to point your finger at someone else, making someone else responsible for the results that you arrived at.

But by accepting personal responsibility for what happens, and then looking for how you actually ARE responsibile, you permit your leadership skills to grow, leading YOU into a higher level of success.

Real leadership development training goes beyond the skills involved in leading work teams. It applies to leading your own life.

By looking for the ways that YOU CAUSE WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU, you will discover new ways that you can try for better results.

One obstacle to developing this leadership skill has to do with the self-sabotaging way that many of us view ourselves.

If you tend to “beat yourself up” when you notice a mistake that you have made, your fear of losing respect for yourself may act as a blockage to facing your responsibility for disappointing situations.

The best leaders have a positive attitude that includes a dedication to identifying mistakes so they can learn from them.

Imagine realizing that you have done something “wrong”, and feeling excited instead of depressed, because you understand that your realization equates with a higher level of wisdom dawning upon you!

Why feel worse when you are being given the opportunity to know better?

There is ALWAYS a golden opportunity present. As YOU practice trusting in whatever happens, including trusting in your mistakes, you will see that even your biggest mistakes offer you opportunities to lead your life toward higher accomplishment.

At the leadership development seminars that I present, I have leaders practicing an attitude of trust in whatever happens.

When you learn to trust what happens, you open your mind to the positive possibilities, including the golden opportunities, presented by whatever happens.

In other words, trusting what happens empowers you to lead your life to greater success.

For instance, let’s look at the leadership training opportunity that arrives when your child comes home with a disappointing report card.

If you think about what you might have done to cause or to contribute to the problem, you might come up with taking personal responsibility for the impact of your bad habit of petty bickering with your spouse around your child.

In other words, the home-life discord that your bickering habit contributes to may have contributed to your child’s low grades. The lesson for improved leadership development? Work on getting along better with your mate.

Accepting personal accountability is a key to enhanced Leadership-Power for everyone

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