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Rooms For Rent In New York
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Rooms for Rent In New York

Whilst the internet certainly eases the burden of looking for rooms to rent in NYC, or anywhere else for that matter. Living in NYC is an experience that I cannot rate highly enough, but not all neighbourhoods and boroughs are equal.The advent of the internet also brings with it another whole raft of difficulties, where to look, who to trust and how to keep on top of all the different avenues.

Due to the sheer volume of people searching of people constantly looking for rentals unfortunately the best places are snapped up pretty quickly. When I first moved to NYC it was quite a challenge because by the time I'd assessed the property chances were somebody else had already signed a lease on the room. It was terribly frustrating.

I quickly learned that I would have to get to the stage that I was capable of making a decision on the spot regarding any given property. I knew I had to ascertain which area's I could instantly go for if I saw something I liked. So my number one piece of advice is that you ensure you are organised and ready to make decisions when looking for somewhere to live. You must have deposits and references to hand at every viewing, all too often you miss out on the perfect property because you weren't in a position to literally snap it up, but somebody else was.

It's fair to say that the decision, an important one, could feel fairly rushed. The key to making a good decision here is having decided in advance what you are looking for. Knowing what you might compromise on and knowing what you won't. Considerations should include;

  • are you ok with shared living spaces?
  • how many bathrooms in the property?
  • what is the neighbourhood like?
  • what are the amenities like?
  • would you feel safe here at night?
  • furnished or unfurnished?
  • if unfurnished would your stuff fit?
  • is it affordable, or is it above budget?
  • how would you get to work, how long would it take?

If you have the time I recommend choosing the area or areas where you would like to live, then visiting them at various time both day and night, weekdays and weekends. Go for dinner, a walk in the local park or to the local shop. Get a feel for the place and see if you get a good vibe,if you don't then this area may not be for you.

New York has something to offer everyone, there is a lot of diversity and therefore depending on how flexible you are something's may knock you out of your comfort zone. When looking for rooms for rent in NYC you want to find a location where you will feel comfortable in your home, therefore choose somewhere that suits your personality.

There are many online communities and listing sites but the trouble often revolves around keeping up to speed with them all. If you are tech savvy you could add the RSS feeds from all the sites you are interested in to your feed reader and track it that way.

I hope I have provided you with some worthwhile reading.

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