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Make Your Old Lamps New Again
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Tired of your old lamp? Me too! So off I go to the local store to buy a new one. I keep thinking how much I paid for the ones I have now and hope I can find something cheaper then I paid for them. Of course I bought my old lamps ten years ago. I reach the lighting section and find a few lamps that would be perfect. But the price? Oh my! $150, $235. EACH! Looks like no lamps for me.

Then I reach the isle with the lamp shades. I see a shade that is $15 and would look great with the new design of my room. So an easy and cheap way to upgrade is to change shades. A few things to keep in mind is the hardware on your old lamp. Some shades (usually smaller) fit over the bulb. But most table lamps have a bracket that surrounds the bulb and goes to a point were a bolt is extended at the top. The shade will have an eyelet at the top that will slide over the lamp bolt and a decorative nut secures it to the lamp.

Ok so you found your shades, but before you buy them why not try a few things on your old shades. What do you have to loose? Chances are you were going to throw them away anyway.

Things to try:

Staining maybe worth a try. If the stain doesn't come out like you would like. Try and paint over the paint.

Spray painting (Make sure you take your time and use several very thin coats, also it may be wise to tape up the inside with a plastic bag, news paper, or anything that will keep the over-spray from getting inside. You can use painters tape to attach the bag to the lamp) You can also buy texture spray paint that not only will look good on the shade but may look great on the lamp itself.

Decoupage is fun to do. A little messy but you can come up with some interesting designs.

Wall paper is worth a try, I have never done it but may be worth a try.

Using cloth or fabric and ribbon is an option.


Depending on the lamps you may beadle to use spray paint on them. I have used a cooper color and it really makes the lamp stand out. Or any color can turn a very old lamp into a new fresh look. Make sure you tape up the lamp hardware with painters tape and wrap plastic wrap around the cord.

Hope this gives you a few ideas and a new fresh look.

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