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Automated Backlinking Software - A Viable Alternative To Manual Backlinking
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Everyone wants backlinks. Everyone wants to know how to create backlinks. All webmasters out there are going crazy trying to build backlinks. They want them and they want them fast!

Is there anything wrong with thousands of backlinks showing up out of nowhere pointing to a brand new website? Gurus say it is not natural...Others try to prove the contrary...they build hundreds of backlinks per day or week, just to prove that their site won't get "slapped". Some never do get slapped...

Something is wrong with that picture. Now, let's think about it.

If a brand new website with brilliant content goes viral in the first few days, through tweeting, bookmarking and you name it what other sharing methods are there on the you think it is possible that 200-300 users would bookmark that site? Or tweet about it?

I do.

A few hundred links per day could count as nothing our days, and this is because of the instant sharing web tools available, which did not exist in the past. Of course, it is only my opinion and you do not have to agree with it, but can you prove the contrary?

Maybe that's why the websites that post hundreds of links per day do not get "slapped".

Hence, the use of automated backlinking software may not be a crime after all. It does not seem that "un-natural" as some tend to believe.

The online marketing life would be extremely hard without these pieces of software that automate different tasks here and there. I am sure you agree with me about this one!

But going back to backlinks building: some of the automated softwares out there do only one type of backlinking, for example, only blog commenting, or only bookmarking, or only RSS. There is another type of backlinking software also out there, that does all of the above and more - as web 2.0 submissions, creating blogs, article spinner, article directory submission, blog commenting, bookmarking,forum profiling, press releases and many other types of backlinking, and at the end - indexing of all these backlinks. Everything automated.

I bet you have not heard of something like this until you've read this article. That is mostly because the users of this type of software would literally wish they would be the only ones on the planet that use it. It is definetly unfair to the majority of the webmasters, who work hard doing manual submissions. However, this type of automated backlinking software is a real danger when it falls in the hands of webmasters that do not use it properly. Really.

Just to give you an example of bad use of this kind of software: I am getting tons of blog comment spam, even though I use spam blockers on my blogs. And I do know when the comments are submitted by software, because some of them are not even properly spun, so one can tell right away that they were just software submissions. Even though they bypassed the spam blocker, I still know it is spam, so they go right into the trash. You see, these are users that do not know how to use an automated backlinking software...Which is sad, because these pieces of software can really work and make one's life much easier when used properly.

In conclusion, if you want to use a good automated backlinking software, make sure you use it wisely and don't fill the net with spam. Learn how to use it first, master it - for God's sake - because otherwise it will work against you.

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