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Backlinks To Backlinks - Do You Need Them?
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Backlinks To Backlinks - Do You Need Them?

Pulling teeth is nothing compared to the webmaster backlinking chore. I know that for a fact. It is time consuming and it seems, sometimes, that those created backlinks never get indexed by search engines.

The term "backlinks to backlinks" refers to the links pointing to the existent backlinks of a web site. For example, a backlink to my web site is the link in this article. To create a backlink to the backlink, I would have to also create a link from another site pointing to my article, like, for example, I would bookmark it on a bookmarking site like Digg. I could also put a link to this article in one of my forum profiles. I could also make a blog comment, or submit an article to a different article directory, and link from there to this article.

You might think...What is all this non-sense of creating backlinks to a web site that it is not even yours?

Well, the answer is in the pudding.

As we already know, a link is a vote for the quality of the content on a page or web site. A link to this article would be a vote for its quality. Now, since this article is linked to my own web site, part of that vote goes to my web site. This is what gurus refer to as " link juice".

Now, of course, the greatest thing about backlinking from top sites is that their content is crawled much more often by search engines than a small blog...besides the fact that you can get some free traffic through them.

From a SEO point of view, the more backlinks you have to a backlink, the more powerful that backlink gets, and the more juice delivers to your own web site.

You may have heard about backlink wheels, where different types of sites - as blogs, articles, videos, bookmarks, forum profiles and so on - are linked from one to the next one until the link gets back to the main web site. You may have also heard about different "backlinking strategies". All these are based on the theory that by building links to your web site's backlinks, the site will rank well for that specific keyword and related keywords used in all those backlinks.

How Do You Handle The Backlinks Building Without Getting Burnt Out?

It really comes down to your finances, how much you want to invest into your online business. Do you have money? Then get yourself some backlinking software. You do not have the money? Then you need to invest your time, which in the end, is money.

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