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Before starting a link building campaign take a moment to read this and understand the basics of link building and how search engines interprit these links to your website. There are different factors in link weight when it comes to search engine algorithms. Unfortunately no one knows exactly how search engines use your links and and what value they own. But through research comapnies analysing patent applications submitted by search engines like Google and trial and error testings we are able to make an educated guess.

Heres a list of some factors to consider when link building:

Global popularity: the more popular a site, the more important the links are perseived by search engines.

Specific popularity links: search engines favour links from a similar websites to your site rather then off topic links

Anchor links: the most strongest inclination search engines give us are that anchor texts with keywords are very favourable. if page has a dozen or two keyword anchor links it stands a very highly probable chance that page is going to rank well in search engines.

Trusted website: there millions of spam web pages out there that are like a cancer and search engines try their best cut out the cancer! thats why you need to get links from trusted sites as this earns your site a vote of cofidence

Link neighbour hood: you need to be carefull about links from sites that might have links from spammed sites.

how to build links from:

Article directories: write relevent, unique and interesting articles and submit them to an article directory. don't submit the same article to multiple directory this will devalue the article search engine ranking position. If other people want to republish your article then theres nothing you can do about that but don't deliberately publish your article to other directories.

Guest blogging: the same rules apply to this as it does to article writing. there are many blog sites out there that allow guest bloggers but try and guest blog on similar blogs to your website. you'll find you'll strike up good relationships with the blogs webmaster which will allow you to write other blogs and post comment links on their site. You'll also find other blog sites will be more forthcoming to allowing you to post on their blogs

comment links: you can gain links from posting comments on other peoples blog posts, but remember to contribute in your comment or feedback as the blog author might remove your link if they fell your comment doesn't contribute. please ba aware some blogs especially blogs created in wordpress may have the link nofollow activated.

business directories: you can gain links from business directories like yell(dot)com, ufindus etc. but becarefull when using these directories for links as lot of them are spam directories and hold very little link juice but if you submit to the more popular ones then this will serve well in the link juice and also customers may come across your business in these directories.

blog post: you should also build your own blog pages on your own website as this is a great way of getting traffic and informative and unique blog posts will attract link baiting. which means websites will link to your site on their own accord.

I hope this has been of interest and informative to you and aids you in your link building campaign. If you feel you don't have the time or ability to build links then hire a SEO company.

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