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Link Building Websites
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Link building websites are an enormous help to you getting good ranking on google. As they say content is king, which means you can get a good start by having well researched keywords and well written content.

Anchor text is very important and can really effect your ranking. This is the text displayed in your link like you have seen as Click Here. This isn't best text to help your ranking when linked to your site. You want to use the keyword you are trying to be ranked for in many cases. A note that many marketers have noticed is you want to vary your test. The best way to go this is to have multiple keyword phrases on your website, but this can be very complicated and you still want your website to make sense. Its a good idea to have a few links to not have your keywords in this case. Perhaps 30% is a good place to start. You don't want to be too obvious that this is your doing.

Locations of the websites you are linking from is very important as well. This may make no sense, but google links it when the content is coming from different locations. This is a little time consuming to get started, but once you have researched this you can use this again and again. Find a website that can display the geo location, this is the location of the server. One way to do this is find the webstites you are interested in and put them into urgentclick which will display the IP Address. Next put this IP Address in the website tools.digitalpoint and click on Geo Location. Not only will this get the main google to look at these websites , but the google sites in other countries will notice you. There are many website to find the geo location, but this way I found the best.

Top page linking is very powerful and something you may not consider that important to search engines, but it is. The search engines try to mimic human behaviour, so being higher on the page is a good idea, as well as being Styled different, but don't overdue it. Just like a person will busy pages unappealing so will search engines.

Link building websites should be built over time on a regular basic. Just like at a job if you slake off all year and get all your work done for the last quarter and people will only think of the other 3 quarters. Search engines are the same way and you need to constantly work on your website as well as creating back links over time.

Website PR is another misconception people have and you would think you should always crate backlinks from the highest page rank websites. As they say variety is the spic of life and search engines are looking for this. The odd high PR is good to get you notice, but only about 20% is necessary. This should be known , but you should link to similar sites and this means no adult sites, because there is a problem with linking to these sites. Even though people at these websites may also like what your are offering it's not the right time.

Link building websites come in all types of ages and you should link to the old and new. webconfs has a tool called Domain age tool that will let you know how old a site is. This seem to only specify older sites which is what you want as you want to mix it up from only to new sites linking to your site.

Getting your site to rank in search engine involves many diversities and this one should be obvious. Link to different pages on your website as you will have different topics and you want all kinds of people reading from your website.

Some times you don't want to vary your content and this is one of these times. Languages as people have a first language. Even though they may know english as a second language they don't prefer to visit those sites in most cases, unless you are etching the translation of course.

Link building websites can really help you dominate in search engines. Anchor is very important an should be researched to get the right visitors. Location of the websites can really enhance your rankings. When ever possible link from top of page. Don't over due the PR thing, a few will do.

Internet Marketer for two years.

More information on Link building at Link Wheel Explained and for more information about learning Internet Marketing my review at Make Money Training


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