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Building Opt In Lists- What Are Other Techniques I Can Use To Increase My Value And Results?
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Building Opt In Lists- What Are Other Techniques I Can Use to Increase My Value and Results?

Any business worth their salt wants to build their subscriber list and this is incredibly true for all internet entrepreneur business models. However, it is more important than ever to be smart in the way we go about it, given that is is becoming harder to attract sign ups when people are so overwhelmed by the amount of offers, promotions, and general advertising they are exposed to on a daily basis. An obvious question is “What can we do about this problem?”

Certainly, there is no question in that you need to make sure your offer is a good one. There are no two ways around this one. So many people try to just issue a low quality report that took about three minutes to write and wonder why they have unsubscribes on their list. Now, consider actually creating a real value report or even a free month's membership on your site as an example. By giving good value material away, you are going to be much more liekly to see a great response. In addition, I also recommend you pay attention to the page the visitor lands on after they have subscribed. Make it really worth their while.

Have you heard about buyer's remorse? It is more applicable when someone spends a large amount of money on something and then wonders if it was worth it. In the case of your list and opt in form, you want to make sure the person is happy they signed up. Hence, provide them with a bonus, or a great quality product, or even both. In some cases, I recommend actually installing a bonus download link early on in your email series so they continue to see the value in their subscription. None of this is rocket science, it's just about keeping people engaged and happy.

In addition, you can also use high quality products with resale rights and create great bonuses, or even bundle them with other offers you may have. Please check all the licensing arrangements with your products on this beforehand. Another way to increase the value to your clients, and yourself is to actually include good quality recommendations to products from the Click bank marketplace or other affiliate networks. Naturally, you would code your emails with your affiliate links. This way, you are offering value, and continuing to receive in return for your efforts. However, respect the balance between information and just pure promotions to buy all the time. People can detect that and will become upset and unsubscribe.

When ever you create a new product, add it into your email list series, so that you can always be working towards greater value for your clients and profit for yourself. It is a two way street and I know that a win-win situation can be encouraged to work successfully. You may also want ti use video marketing to increase your rate of opt ins too.

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