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Convert Your Subscribers With These List Building Strategies
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Many marketers think that list building strategies just involve building a list. They don't think about what to do with their list. Here are some tips to Karen Pore shares simple list building strategies.

When most marketers think about list building strategies they only think about methods that can be used to add subscribers to their email marketing list. Very few think about what to do with those subscribers once they have connected with that prospect. One of the most important list building strategies that is overlooked is how to communicate with that list.

Let me first clarify what your list is. Your list can be made up of prospects in many different areas. It depends on your methods of marketing. The majority of marketers only consider their list to be the opt in subscriber’s in their auto responder however, many marketers have several others. Here are some examples of some other places you want to implement these list building strategies.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Skype
  • MSN Messenger
  • Youtube
  • My Space

These are just a few other tops sites that many marketers use to build their lists. Where many marketers go wrong when they are thinking about list building strategies is they assume these sites are there for them to advertise. They don't see these places as a list in themselves. If a marketer has taken the time to connect with people on these sites they are very much considered a part of their list and for the purposes of using list building strategies they need to be treated as such.

When using list building strategies what are the top mistakes marketers make?

The first goal when using list building strategies is to connect with your prospect, get them to a website and have them opt in to your mailing list. The second goal is to build a relationship with that prospect so they begin to know, like and trust you. Many marketers assume by doing this their prospects will be more likely to buy what they have to offer over time to that list.

A big mistake many marketers make is how they determine what programs or systems to promote to their list. The most important of all list building strategies is that the marketer should never recommend something to their list that they have not tried themselves and had success with. Otherwise they will lose credibility with prospects in their list and the entire process becomes pointless.

Another type of program that marketers should avoid sending out to their lists are programs that the compensation rest largely on what is referred to as a matrix. When a program’s compensation plan uses what is called a matrix, it essentially means that everyone can be paid off of the efforts of an entire team. However, the further down in rank you are in that team the less compensation you will receive.

Many people get sucked into these programs because they think they can pay a small upfront fee and collect hundreds of dollars by only having to refer a few people to the offer. That is usually not the case. The marketers that make the majority of the money in these programs are those who themselves have large lists. What happens is they broadcast the program to their lists and many prospects sign up. Then the marketer usually collects a pretty large check. The problem is very few of their prospects have large lists and are unable to duplicate the process. This leaves many prospects either not collecting anything or at most a small commission.

For a lot of list owners this is one of their top list building strategies. Unfortunately by recommending programs like these they lose credibility with their prospects. A quick payday is not what you use list building strategies for. It is to develop a long term following and if you want to do that your prospects must trust that you have their best interests at heart.

What are some list building strategies that do work?

The most important thing you can remember when you are offering anything to your list is that your list is there to create an income for you. For that to happen you need to always take into account the long term need of the product you are advertising to your prospects. Your long term relationship is much more valuable than a quick buck.

One of the best list building strategies that a marketer should consider is the simple 80/20 rule. Concentrate on spending 80% of your time offering value and information to your list and then 20% of the time offering them tool that may cost them a little money and generate a commission for yourself.

Taking these simple list building strategies respecting your list is one of the most important factors in your success online.

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