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Internet Entrepreneurial List Building- Some Tips To Help You Push Through The Gates
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Internet Entrepreneurial List Building-  Some Tips To Help You Push Through the Gates

Whilst many people have heard that the money is in the list, the fact remains that much money is still left on the table because people are not taking this point seriously enough. Really, you need to actually elevate yourself to a new level where you not only really start to work on your list, but treat it as the income source for your future projects and business offers. However, I want to add more to this point. You need to always treat your list with the utmost respect and create what I term 'relationship value' over time.

It isn't rocket science and people know when they are being taken for a ride, Treat them well, and give the best value you can, mixed with a healthy dose of genuine behavior and you are halfway set.

Now, the next tip is that you don't need to lose your hat doing this either. The main cost is going to be for your autoresponder service. It is a necessary fee, but if you are really on a tight budget, you could even host on a free site, but it is best to have your own hosting if you can. However, I want to help you start out even if you have very little to spend, and can therefore say of you have no choice, a free site is possible. May I suggest though, that as soon as you are in profit, you upgrade your hosting as this way, you will have greater control.

In fact, if budget is a real issue, I have heard that free autoresponders exist for a nominal number of subscribers, but the issue here is that when you get over that amount, you may have a problem moving them over to a paid service. Hence, if you can go with a paid service, you might be better off.

Naturally, having an auto responder opt in form is an important start, but you need to have a product or service to hand out in exchange for the name and email address. This is the hook effectively. If you have nothing yet, you could offer a fifteen minute consultation, or a free report that you can write up first, and upload to your auto responder. However, as a caveat, I must stress the report needs to be a good quality one. Never ever treat your people on your list like fools or give them low quality material, They will resent this and unsubscribe.

Having done all the above, the final hurdle now awaits you. It is the effective marketing of your new squeeze page. There is no real shortcut here. You either have to spend money on advertising, or time on creating marketing materials. I recommend, in no particular order,

  • Article marketing
  • Forum marketing
  • Blog posting
  • Free website creation with advertising pointing back to your offer as well as information on your services
  • Back link creation in blogs and try for the .edu extension blogs for greater link juice. This means you will be found sooner in search engines, as well as creating wordpress blogs. This way, you can send the RSS feeds to feed engines to increase your exposure as well.
  • You could also look at creating Squidoo pages for extra findability on the internet.
  • Creating videos about your product and uploading to You tube.

It is common for list building to take a little time, but persistent efforts will pay off. I have found the use of video marketing has been quite effective as many people like to watch multimedia productions now as well.

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