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List Building- Incentives To Create A Higher Sign Up Rate
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List Building- Incentives To Create a Higher Sign Up Rate

In list building efforts that you may undertake, it is very likely that you will consider the often tried and tested gifts like eBooks, videos, and possibly even a newsletter or short email course on a subject related to your website offering. These are all great ideas as they have worked for many years successfully. However, I am sure you are also aware that there is an increased competition in the market place and I hope to help you overcome this hurdle.

On the provision that the above gifts or returns for sign ups are of a high quality standard, you will not be likely to be upsetting any subscribers. However, given that we are always being bombarded by more and more advertising mediums, it's like we have to push through more noise to actually get our message across and successful absorbed by the public. Hence, I want to mention some other ideas or incentives to consider that are likely to have a longer lasting impression on your subscriber.

To explain this better, you may recognize that some magazine companies offer gift subscriptions so that your gift can keep on giving month after month for the whole year. If you have heard that before, then you will understand that the idea below is a similar concept. I recommend enrolling people into a trial subscription to your membership site as a gift for a sign up. This means that you are adding someone to your list as well as introducing them to your recurring membership site.

It is up to you on the amount of free time you give to your new subscriber. Some people will prefer a whole month, others only fourteen days. It is really up to you. However, you may want to mention just after the sign up, or even during the sign up, that the subscriber may unsubscribe if they wish, at any time prior to the completion of the free trial period and owe nothing. You do need to be up-front about this as part of open transparency. It is good business ethics as well as in some states and territories, a legal requirement. I work on the basis of just being open and honest. It saves a lot of trouble and keeps people on side.

May I recommend never to be stealthy about this sort of thing. I know some people have tried it in the past and made some quick profits, but I recommend long term, sustainable business growth, on integrity and honesty. This is about keeping people on, not alienating them. By working this way, as long as your membership site is of high quality, you will probably maintain a large number of sign-ups and be well on the way to building your list successfully. As an added incentive, you may even want to create a video to show the inside of your membership site to show people all the good things they will get. You need to actively sell, and lead people, as this is important to encourage taking action. The difference between a static page and a live page with commands to attention are stark in the marketing world. A video will work wonders for you in many cases.

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