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Opt In Lists And List Building- Added Value Incentives For Your Subscribers
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Opt In Lists and List Building- Added Value Incentives for Your Subscribers

When it comes to building your list and creating a flood of hungry people wanting what you've got, you sometimes need to be a little more creative to get their initial attention. It sounds awful, but people also need to be lead, in that they need to be told to click the 'access' button and so on. It's amazing how many times people click away from a site if that is not mentioned. On the upside, studies show that telling people to do a certain action massively improves the desired result for you. This is referred to as an increased click through rate or CTR.

Now, this takes me to my next point. You have created an appealing opt in page with all the right words and encouraging gifts for your subscribers, but you now have to send them the emails as part of the automatic follow-on sequence that you have hopefully preprogrammed already. How many of you just say things like, 'Thanks for buying the product XYZ” and leave it at that? I ask as this is the time to really connect with your buyers. You can do a number of things here, like include links in the email to a 'thank you for downloading the product' page and give all the information in a typical download page, as well as banners and bonuses. This way, you are upselling, and possibly without even being so obvious about it.

You can even be a little more adventurous and create an upsell, but if that is refused, automatically switch to a downsell. This is just good marketing but you need to make sure all the products are great value and are related to the original purchase. This is not a forum for getting rid of your junk. Treat this seriously and you will make a killing in that you can double or treble your sales this way.

As a source of ideas for you, you might like to try things like quick start style guides, depending on your product. To expand on this, if you have created a piece of software that requires about five days of study to set it up and get it working, you might consider a cheat sheet for the instant start up method, to get the buyer going with the purchase. You may be laughing here, but seriously, these things can happen. I know of other examples where some courses are so full of information, it takes like three hours to download it all. This can be very difficult for some people, in that when there is too much, they just put the whole lot on the shelf and forget about it. How about creating a quick start document to recommend a daily schedule to get through each item. It is like a plan or diary and this can ease the process for many buyers. They will also appreciate this from you too.

There are many techniques you can follow when using mail autoresponder systems to build your list and applying some techniques like those mentioned above will help your conversion rates and 'rate of stick' of your subscribers. This means they will remain on your list for longer. Please also remember that what may take a fifty page ebook to explain may be explained in a short video edited and created by you.

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