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The Language Of Literature
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The Language Of Literature

There is something about a great book which is indefinable. It's not the feel of it and often it is not about what it is about. But from the first sentence one reads, one just knows one is going to like it. It's as simple as that. Then of course personal tastes come into the equation and that is one of the great things about humanity. Everyone actually thinks differently, so what I may like, someone else may not and on and on it goes.

Then of course in today's world a whole new vista has opened up due to modern technology. Computers, 'I' phones, kindles, nooks and a vast plethora of e-books. It's a whole new world, but, the question remains. Does one have to be bright to write a book?

Personally I think yes, however many people disagree with this. For want of an argument let's just call this, ' the language of literature.' All great authors appear to have a knack of doing this. Not so?

The other side of the coin is, in today's world there is a whole new language out there basically due to the phenomena of texting with your new cell phone and trying to save some money on your calls with this. So what one gets is something like this, 'how r u'? Or ' c u 2nite'. Would you call this, ' the language of literature'?

For me then it is very important that language and grammar and spelling are kept pure and this language can always be seen in authors of literary classic books.

But what happens if a book is written in the new form as in texting. Does this diminish the quality of the book and will it stop people from reading the book? I'm not entirely sure about this and seeing these days with self publishing et al there is nothing to stop any one from doing this and good luck to them.

So here one just has to go back to personal tastes and my personal tastes would hate this. I've been an avid reader since my teens and read superlative books and others not so good. Reason I'm going on with this diatribe is that for a long while now I've been thinking about writing a book. However because of the way I think, I believe I'm not bright enough or capable enough of doing this.

I've tried my hand penning a few short stories on Article Marketing sites but that is about the limit.

But what never ceases to amaze me is peoples talents and sometimes their humour.One has to be very bright.

I'll never be able to live amongst such giants.

Street Talk

Spook an interesting article and a subject that I have debated with myself many times. Language has evolved over time and it is this evolution that brought it to what it was when I was at school. I am a fan of the English language as it should be spoken. I am not a fan of American spelling although of course it is much simpler - I am just trained in the old 'English" way of colour instead of color, cheque book instead of check book etc. However the language has continued to evolve since I was at school and has of course moved on to what you describe in this article. Is it good or is it bad? I don't think it is either - it simply IS. The consequences of these modern changes will be interesting to note. I think our friend William Shakespeare may have had something to "saye" about it though.

  about 1 decade ago
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