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We all want wish our lives to be free and relax from several daily life issues. The most important things in our life are our family, wealth and assets. The daily life issues commonly fence these priorities of life. To manage such issues, legal ways are available that can be exercised by the means of proper counseling services by experienced attorney. Ms. Lorren T. Johnston is one of the qualified and highly qualified attorneys who is providing wide set of services to you for your ease and comfort in life. Here is description of some of her available services:


A Trust Attorney is required at the time of updating your structure of Revocable Trust. This trust attorney can also serve for your purpose if you have moved in a new state. The state laws generally differ from each other. You have to make your estate documents as per requirement of state administration and review them periodically. It is important to have Trust Attorney because there are annual tax updates for properties and therefore there is need of tax planning in this regard. Non-payment of the taxes is regarded as serious offense so there is need of a Trust Attorney to cover your estate tax matters.


Assets are considered as vital component of a successful man. In order to secure your success, you should also secure your assets as well. The less your assets are exposed, the more they are considered to be protected. In this situation, Asset Protection service enters. The Asset Protection ensures that your assets are perfectly safe under the law suit. The Asset Protection Attorney helps you to identify your associated risks to the assets and to suggest you better tax plans. It helps you to be prepared for the possible law inquiry before its happening.


The Divorce Mediation is the service for the divorcing couples. There are several issues like concerns about parenting, tax payments, property transfers and other fiscal or sensitive matters among the couples that are needed to be settled. The Divorce Mediation is actually under Compass Mediation Group that is founded by Ms. Johnston by herself. The three competent mediators, along with Ms. Johnston, help to resolve the issues among divorcing couples as Divorce Mediation.

The services of Ms. Johnston has wide coverage over Leesburg, Virginia, Northern VA and Sterling. Contact her for prudent consultation about your issues.

Want to learn more about the services of Trusts And Estate Planning, Asset Protection Attorney and divorce mediation??? Contact Ms. Lorren T. Johnston now at 703-443-1455 and get time for wise, favorable and confidential consultations. Come to Lorren and make your life free from worries and issues to live a successful lifetime. Have a secure and happy life!

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