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Long Distance Relationships That Work - Tips
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Long Distance Relationships That Work  -  Tips

Long distance relationships can be very stressful and are not for everyone. It only works for certain personalities and temperaments, which not everyone has. Both partners will have to be very patient and compatible when having a long distance relationship. Here are some insights into long distance relationships that work and what you need to do to be one of the successful ones.

Frankly speaking, it is never going to be easy. If you think there is already a lot of work involved in your relationship with your boyfriend, then expect to exert even more effort now that you are living far away. But don't get discouraged, there are plenty of ways to help you keep your long distance relationship healthy and happy.

Long Distance Relationships That Work - Use These Tips

Have a Goal in Mind

Before you enter a long-distance relationship with your boyfriend, you should both decide whether you want to end up with each other eventually or not. If you decide that your relationship is not something that you want to take to the long-term, then why bother stressing yourself with a long-distance relationship?

Set a timeline with your boyfriend indicating when you plan to reunite as a couple. It could be a couple of months or a couple of years. It does not matter. What matters is that you both know that you will put an end to this stressful setup as soon as you have the chance. Obviously, at least one of you will have to eventually relocate. Ask yourself if you are willing to go through this for the sake of the relationship.

Communication is king

Nothing is more important for long distance relationships than an open and uninterrupted channel of communication between the partners involved. Trust and commitment are fragile things when at this point in your relationship. They have to be routinely nourished by both of you. When a touch of the hand cannot be had, a call or a text message or photo, can do wonders to keep the relationship strong.

To avoid situations where you both second-guess what each other is doing, come up with a communication plan indicating when and how often you will talk to each other. Communication is among the highest expenses that any long-distance couple has to face, so make sure that you both use your time wisely. Whenever possible, take advantage of instant messaging tools such as Skype to make interaction cheaper.

Take Advantage of Your Distance

This does not mean that you should hook up with other guys because your boyfriend is not around. This means that you should just take more time with your friends, or with your work, while doing things that you have always wanted to do. The time freed by being away from each other could lead you to do interesting things that you could share with your boyfriend later on.

Show your boyfriend that you can be an independent woman when he is not around. This way, you make life more interesting and there is more of a chance that your long distance relationship can work.

Visit Often and Be Intimate

Try to visit each other as often as possible. Schedule your vacation days around these special trips and use the opportunity to become extra-intimate with your man. Remember, you do not always get to touch each other now, so start touching when you get the chance! Plan for very romantic visits with each other. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, so milk those times with him for all they're worth.

Trust Each Other

Be trusting and avoid being overly jealous. Trust and love will keep your long distance relationship healthy and strong. Do not jeopardize your loving relationship, that could turn into marriage someday, by getting jealous for simple situations that do not warrant fights or confrontation.

These are just a few insights on long distance relationships that work. Look for other resources to find other tips and advice on keeping your long distance relationship strong.

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