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5 Mistakes To Avoid On Your First Valentine's Day
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5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Valentine\'s Day

When you’ve been in a loving relationship for sometime it’s much easier to know how to handle special occasions (or at least it should be). However the first of any events - birthdays, Christmas, family weddings, office parties all present different challenges. What presents should you give?, What should you wear?, What things should you know about people’s relationships or likes and dislikes? There are any number of things that you might want to know that first time. The same can be said of your first Valentine’s Day with a new partner.

There are a number of possible blunders that you really want to try and avoid.

1. Forget to acknowledge Valentine’s Day

This is okay if you both do it and neither of you are bothered, but there’s nothing worse than wanting to ignore the day altogether and then find you are the recipient of a large amount of gifts from your new partner.

Solution: Talk them to them about Valentine’s Day, discuss and agree how you’re going to spend it.

2. Spend too much

If you’ve only been a couple for a short space of time, don’t fall into the trap of buying too many presents. It can be scary especially if their feelings aren’t quite as strong as yours.

Solution: Set some sort of parameters between you about spending. Okay it might not sound very romantic but by doing so you can avoid any embarrassment at one of you spending much more than the other.

3. Buy the wrong gift

Most people are bought up to be grateful for any gift they receive, but this can go out the window if someone buys you the completely wrong gift. You might wonder what constitutes a wrong gift and I admit that can be tricky. But buying them a jokey present if they don’t share a similar sense of humour or buying the wrong size clothing or buying something plastered in red hearts when they would never have them in the house, or buying an enormous box of chocolates when they’re always on a diet is not a good idea.

Solution: Make sure that you have an idea of what they may like, not what you think they will like. Consult their friends or family or work colleagues if you’re not sure.

4. Spend the evening with friends

Now you may well be used to going out with some friends on Valentine’s Day and expect to do a similar thing with your new partner. This is fine if they would enjoy it too but if they’re expecting intimate dinner for two they’re not like to be pleased that they have to share you.

Solution: Make sure that you talk about what you both want to do. You may have to make some compromises but it’s silly not to talk about what you would both like.

5. Get distracted

It may be your normal habit to be glued to a games console or answering emails on your smart phone or surfing the internet but that’s not what you should be doing on this particular evening.

Solution: Switch off phones, computers, games consoles and just enjoy spending the time together.


You may be feeling that all these solutions do away with any spontaneity for what should be a fun occasion. However you can still have some surprises but at least by talking about the type of gifts you like or don't like, how much you want to spend and making some plans about how you want to spend the day or evening together you can minimise any areas of tension that may arise on your first Valentine’s Day.

Have fun.

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