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Children Are The Most Precious Gift
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I love my children very much, and I’m sure if you have children you do as well. They will try your patience and make you feel like you are going crazy, but no matter what you will love them and always be there for them. It is so hard to bring them up in the word to day. So many things to influence them now, way more then I can remember or was exposed to 30 years or so ago.

So many parents today just let their children raise themselves, they don’t try to instruct them or influence them in anyway, and they make a decision they stand by it or fall because of it. Well I don’t think that is what a bias for being a good person. Just the basic, respect, honesty, trust, etc, you get the idea. The things your parents may have taught you or you learned on your own or from someone who loved you.

We as children don’t listen to our parents often enough. They are wise beyond their years. We are all wise beyond our years when it comes to our children. They make you change your whole perspective on life. Well they should make you change and grow as well. As a parent you will make many mistakes, maybe with only one of your children or all of them. But you are only human, and as life throws things at them you should work together to figure them out.

Life may not throw the same things at them as it did you. The best way to handle any situation is to communicate (yes I realize you may know that). You may not like what they have to say and they may not like what you have to say. You may not be able to change their mind and they may not be able to convince you they may be right. But always make sure they know they can tell you anything so you can help them fix their issue or problem together.

Because no one in the world will take care of your child like you will and no one in this world will take care of you like they will. Children are a precious gift that we are given to mold them into good loving human beings to keep our race going and controlling the Earth. I know that was kind of dramatic. I use to work in a long term care facility (nursing home) and the one thing I always told family members is that no one will care for your loved one like you would. Because you love them, they will be taken care of true enough but some expectations may be out of the scope of what the facility can provide.

The same principle applies to your children and a much larger place called the world. But you have to prepare them for it and can make sure they understand everything will not always go their way and when they need you, you will always be there. But you will not be there forever there will come a time when they will be here without you and by instilling in them the best you have you can leave here knowing they will be okay.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in life’s problems and fail to be there emotionally for your children, it can be hard when there is an outside influence draining your emotions. But regardless you have to make them know that they are first, they are the most important person and work you have in your life.

Like everyone they have a spirit and that you should nurture and valve and never intentionally do anything to crush that spirit. Love them for who you are trying to help them become, never try to make them into you. Love them for who they are, because its not up to you where life takes them it’s up to you to set the right path for them to follow.

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