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Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend
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Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

Do you feel like your relationship is maybe missing something? Maybe the little spark is gone and you want to get it back. Sometimes it can be hard thinking of cute things to say to your boyfriend, but it is possible! Texting has reinvented the relationship. We are now able to be in constant contact with our partner and say things we sometimes normally wouldn't say in person. Relationships can be a tricky thing and without the proper connection, are doomed from the start. However, even though guys can be complicated, there are certain things they love to hear and will certainly help benefit your relationship.

Guys love themselves

You probably already knew this though. Every guy, whether they show it or not, cares about how they look. The degree of ‘how much do they care’ does vary. Here are some things to let them know that you know how good they look (whether you do or not is up to you)!

• Compliment their body and other features! Let them know how good they look. If they work out, say something along the lines of "You're so muscular, it's crazy." or say something about their features like "You really have gorgeous eyes, teeth, etc." When you don't know what to say, let them know how attractive they are! Never fails

• Compliment the way they dress. Most guys, not all, have a personal sense of style and dress the way they do for a reason. Whether it's preppy or punky, guys do have certain shirts or shoes they love more than anything else. Pay attention to what he wears and what he wears the most of. After you know what his favorite is, say something like "I really love that shirt". This will let him know that you are actually paying attention to him.

Guys love hearing how much better they are than other guys

This kind of links back up with number 1. One way to make a guy happy, is to let him know you’re the best guy he’s ever been with. Tell him things along the lines of

  • “Why did it take me so long to meet you”
  • “I don’t know what I did without you”
  • “You’re so much better than the other guys I dated”.

Deep down, every guy is romantic and has a cute side

Kind of surprising huh? But it’s true! Guys sometimes cover up their romanticism because they don’t want to be seen as feminine or sensitive. An idea for something creative and cute that may bring up his romantic side would be to look up "I love you" in different languages and tell him. The exotic and sweet aspect of it will show him that you cared enough to learn it for him.

Cheesy pick up lines aren't always bad

Guys are dorks, short and simple. Most of them love cheesy dumb pick up lines. Don’t be afraid to drop a couple of them every now and them just to get a smile. Having the romantic relationship relies a lot on the ability to not be embarrassed by anything you have to say. Say things like:

  • "It's a good thing I brought my library card, because I am checking you out"
  • "So there's this movie playing this weekend, but my mom won't let me go by myself"
  • "I'd swear you were a camera, all you do is make me smile"
  • "If you were a hamburger at McDonalds, you'd be a McHandsome"

Just be cute and sappy

Maybe your boyfriend is actually super romantic and you just don’t really know what to say to him all the time. Try things like :

  • You - "You know space?"...Him - "Of course"...You - "You know how big it is?"...Him - "Haha yeah it's pretty big"... You - "Almost as big as my love for you"
  • "I'm about to fall asleep, I hope I dream about you tonight!"
  • "If nothing lasts forever, can our love be nothing?"

These are just a few things to get the ball rolling. Don't ever be afraid to be yourself and speak what's on your mind. Saying cute things to your boyfriend is an essential ingredient in keeping a relationship romantic!

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