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How To Get Girl Back If You Have Been A Jerk
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Sometimes in life, you can find yourself in a few situations that are a huge struggle and one of them is how to get girl back successfully and keep her with you after you have stuffed up big time!

So what did you do? Did you cheat? Did you negliect her? Were you being selfish? Or perhaps you were just unlucky? Which ever or what ever thing you did, if you really want to get girl back, you need to sort yourself out!

No doubt, it is going to be tough on you, but I am going to recommend something that you may not expect: leave her alone! Give her some time to herself. You never know, hopefully she may realize that she misses you and then agrees to start up the relationship again all by herself. Do not dismiss the possibility of this happening, even if all looks lost right now. Think of it this way - if it does happens it happens, if it does not happen, then it doesn't.

However, if what you need to get girl back is a much more direct and hands on approach then again, take some time out and use that time to get your head together. Ideally, you need to give her some time to think so that she can put the whole thing into perspective.

So, connect with your friends again and spend some time with them. Make sure you are not annoying her with emails and texts and 'accidentally' bumping into her in places where you know she hangs out. This will only back fire on you and ruin your chances of getting her back, because she'll only become frustrated with you.

If you neglected her, missed her birthday, hardly ever took her out, then you need to seriously look at that behavior. No girl worth anything is going to put up with that kind of behavior. A girl wants and needs to be taken out and made a fuss over. She needs to know that you want to be with her for more than just her looks. If you fail to show her that, then she will walk and find a guy who can show her how much she is worth.

If all that you did was hang out with the guys and ignored her, then you are going to have to understand that this is not the way to treat a lady. If you are really certain that you want to get your girlfriend back then now is the time to shape up, look good and look stylish! Start acting like she is the most important person in the world to you.

To get girl back now is when you need to show her that you have understood her needs and also that you are ready and prepared to meet those very important needs. Don't mess up this time and try to get her back under false pretenses. It won't work for long and maybe when she leaves the next time, she'll be gone for good.

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