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How To Impress Your Ex Boyfriend
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How to Impress Your Ex Boyfriend

So you are wondering how to impress your ex-boyfriend. You are miserable when you broke up with him, and you know deep in your heart that you cannot love anyone else aside from him. So, how will you get back with your ex-boyfriend?

This is the question that every woman asks when she realizes that she still loves her ex-boyfriend. The fact here is that men are good in making sure they hide their emotions, and sometimes they would not give you a hint that they still love you.

So the best thing that you should do if you really want to get back with your ex-lover is to make the first move and make him realize that there could still be a second chance for your relationship.

How to Impress Your ex-boyfriend - Tips That You Must Follow

Tip# 1. Reflect on the causes of your break-up.

Before pursuing your ex-boyfriend, first you need to think of the following questions to guide you if you really want to get back with your ex-boyfriend; have you and your ex-boyfriend finally understood the reason for the break up? Are there any changes since the break up? Do you really love him despite the problems that happened in the past? Think deeply before making any move.

Tip# 2. Be a friend to him.

The first step in every relationship is friendship, and you need to start from that. Earn his trust again by being a loyal friend and just enjoy the moments with each other as you did before. Besides, after you two broke up, there are many things that happened, and you need to catch up on a lot of things.

Tip# 3. Don’t beg for him to come back.

This will only make you look cheap and desperate. You need to act cool and mature. Remember that you are not his girlfriend anymore so act properly.

Tip# 4. Be yourself.

He loved you before because of whom you are and that will not change even as time goes by. However, also think about the things that contributed to the break-up such as your attitude. The key here is to compromise but not losing yourself in the process. And never wonder, "Why do men move on so fast?" because they don't. Be yourself if you want to keep him interested in you.

Tip# 5. Talk about the happy moments both of you shared together in the past.

This will bring all the memories back and hopefully the feelings too. This will make him realize that he was once happy and contented with you, and he will feel love for you again.

Tip# 6. Find out if your ex-boyfriend still loves you or still cares for you.

You need to make sure that all your efforts are making changes in him. The worst scenario is that you want to get back with him, but you find that he is already in love with someone else. You can know this by not really asking him directly, because it will make you look desperate. However, you can sense his feelings with his actions towards you. However, even if he does not care for you anymore, and you still want him, you can win him back by expressing your feelings for him such as cooking his favorite dish or supporting him in his endeavors.

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