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I Don't Think The Definition Of Love Is True Because No One Uses The Meaning
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I Don\'t Think The Definition Of Love Is True Because No One Uses The Meaning

Love is a funny word. Can anyone really define the word love? Well, if the meaning is true, then why do so many people hurt the one's they love. I don't think the definition of love is true because no one uses the meaning.

I have a love hate relationship, there is no in between. When it's good it's great! When it's bad it's ugly! It is a word that people abuse and use. Some people just tell you they love you to shut you up so you think they love you why they are checking out the person next to you.

How can you love someone and say it if you really don't mean it? I am the type of person that if I say it, I mean it. Sometimes when it's said to you, the feeling doesn't go with it. I have had instances where it was said to me but I wasn't feeling it because there was no meaning behind it.

Love is a word that really can hurt another person if not used right and love shouldn't hurt. I think if you really love someone then say it with meaning and really love them. If not, don't say it at all and tell that person why to resolve the problem or stay away.

There are questions with no answers we ask ourselves everyday, but why beat yourself up? Some answers you will never figure out so why get old over it? I think everyone should love each other and be forgiving on certain things. How can someone just look at someone and say I hate you? Why? Because your jealous or you envy them.

Well don't try and keep up with the Jones honey because you will make yourself sick. Two people that love one another will be happy with what they have and stick beside one another through the good, bad, and ugly. When you die, you can't take what the Jones or you have with you so appreciate the true meaning of love and live. There is so much to see and do before you die and people like me are just now realizing that or just waking up! Come on!

The grass is not always greener on the other side. If you mess up with the person you love, then I'm sure your going to mess up with the next person. Because if you really truly loved that person your with, you won't even look on the other side of the fence or step on their grass.

Love does have meaning and it should be used correctly. We are all human and have feelings, love is a word that can tear someone apart, and make us do stupid things to ourselves. The whole time they think you are just loving them, you are loving the person next door too.

There are two kinds of love. 1. Love like you love your children/family/friends and 2. love the one you will be with for ever passionately no matter what.

It is funny how we're suppose to love one another and everyone chooses water over blood. They forget who our family is and how we won't be here forever but they don't love anymore because of something stupid I'm sure. Why hold grudges when you know it's killing you inside and wondering how that person really is doing.

Just remember one thing, you may never forget but you should forgive and try and get past the past no matter what or you will be one lonely person. This is why people don't talk to family have many friends because they are that type of person to not let go.

I was like that for awhile because I was hurt so much my whole life and one day I just woke up smacked myself in the face and said what in the hell are you doing Katie? Life is too short so if you don't love that person and want to be with someone else so be it, but don't drag that person down with hopes, dreams, and heartache of them thinking you love them.

Run to the other side of the fence and let that person go! But I will tell you what, if you do this to me... Don't come back in my yard! Stay off my grass. So love one another and really know the true meaning before you break another heart.

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Very nice article. I also believe that there are lots of people who use the word love without thinking too much of its meaning!

  about 1 decade ago
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