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Is My Ex Boyfriend Still In Love With Me? - Look Out For These Signs
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Is My Ex Boyfriend Still In Love With Me?  -  Look Out For These Signs

If you are asking yourself, "Is my ex-boyfriend still in love with me?" then you are in the right place. Find out exactly how to read the signs that he still has feelings for you and wants to get back together.

Before you start making moves in your ex's direction, you will need to know the right time to approach him. Do it too soon and you will end up driving him away, do it too late and he will think that you are not interested in him anymore and he could have moved on. There will always be some signs that your ex boyfriend is still in love with you but some are easier to spot than others. This article will help you identify what these signs are so that you can know where you stand.

Does Your Ex Boyfriend Show Up In Your Old Haunts?

Go with your intuition here. If you suddenly notice that he is turning up in familiar places where he doesn't really need to be, it is a sure sign that he wants to see you. Think about it, if your ex boyfriend wanted to avoid you, the last thing he would be doing is turning up in places that he knows you will be, he will not want the awkwardness.

The reason that he is there is because he wants to see what you are doing and who you are doing it with. He will also want to know how you are handling the break up and looks for clues that you might still like him too. You can be sure that he actually misses you enough to make the effort to see you, or that he is worried that you are getting on with your life. He can't come straight out and ask you if you still love him so he has to use other ways to find this out - reading how you react to his presence.

Do not read into things too much and end up embarrassing yourself though. If you have a lot of mutual friends, work together or go to school together, he will still be in the same places that he always was as he can't avoid them. Watch out for subtle signs that your ex boyfriend is attaching himself to your friends and making a special effort with them. This will be his way of keeping tabs on you and finding out what you are up to.

Try not to worry too much if you haven't seen him in a while either. After the break up he will be wanting to give you some space and deal with his emotions too. He might find it too hard to be around you right now if he is still in love with you. The important thing to remember here is that not everything is not as it seems, there may be special reasons why he is acting the way he is.

Does Your Ex Come By To Pick Up His Stuff?

A sure sign that your ex boyfriend still loves you is the speed at which he comes around to pick up his stuff from you. If he comes by to pick up his stuff really quickly, he might be trying to detach himself from you as soon as possible. This could be an attempt from him to prove to himself that he is over you, but he is probably trying to bury his true feelings.

If he is angry or aggressive towards you then you will know that you still affect him enough to control his moods. Of course it all depends on who broke up with who and what the reasons were for your break up, but when he is trying to provoke a reaction in you or upset you, he wants to hurt you as much as you hurt him or even find out if you still care about him enough to be upset. Human nature is a strange thing, isn't it?

Guys usually use the opportunity of picking up their stuff as their excuse to see you again. It is a brilliant way of him getting to talk to you face to face when he has no other way of seeing you. This will be even more obvious if the stuff that he is picking up is not very important to him and could easily be chucked in the bin.

When he takes weeks to pick up his stuff, it usually indicates that he was trying to give himself some time to come to terms with the break up. It is likely that he was trying to use this time to see what life without you would be like before he finally decides to come round and make it final by collecting his things. This is actually a very clear sign that he still loves you because he has started to miss you.

When your ex boyfriend leaves his stuff behind intentionally then this is an even better sign that he still has feelings for you. If you have offered to give it back to him and he declines for example, he is blatantly wanting to have an excuse to contact you again in the future. Getting back his stuff is the perfect way to do this. He knows that he will want to get back in touch with you again, and he is using getting his things back as the way to do this. This means that he wants to leave the communication channels opened if he decides to come back at a later date.

In the same way, you need to have an excuse to contact him again if you want to get him back, so never offer to give him back his stuff. He will only see this as a sign of rejection and you will be closing the door on contact with him. Obviously you should never refuse to give him back something if he asks for it, just don't be the one who offers to give it to him.

Your Next Steps

If your ex boyfriend has quickly disappeared from your life and you have not seen him, he will be trying to emotionally disconnect from you and move on. This is the time when you have to take action and fast. You don't want to leave things too late so that he moves on completely. You have to understand exactly how no contact rule works in getting him to miss you and want you again. Learn all about how to contact him and when, even if he is completely ignoring you and why it is so important to give him so space.

After that you should learn the ways to make him attracted to you again and this is a key step in getting him back. Once you reignite his desire for you, you will see him change towards you and take more of an interest in your life, from here you can use specific techniques to draw him back to you.

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