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Do you see me for who I am or who you want me to be? I’m sure you have no clue how I truly feel about you. If I were gone would you really miss me, miss us, or just move on to what you think is better. I’m sure at some point in time you may have thought some of those things yourself.

We all have doubts about ourselves when it comes to being in love with someone. We tend to try and make the other person into who we want them to be instead of accepting them for who they are. We are capable of changing habits that we may think may tend to bother someone. We all have things that bother us that other people do. But when you are truly in love with someone you tend to over look those things that might be slightly annoying to you because you love that person and don’t say anything about them because you don’t want to hurt their feelings.

That may be until they do or say something that hurts your feelings. Then it starts, you may begin to tear them apart. Maybe not totally right away, it usually starts with the little things. And as the relationship goes on and there may be more responsibilities the expectations you had at the beginning may change. Your outlook on life may change, but will your partner change with you? Will they see that the relationship may be or is evolving into something they want or is it more then they expected to handle?

Everyone handles change differently and some people don’t handle it well at all. But we all change, life makes us change whether you want to or not. It is how you adapt and handle the things life throws at you. The tests you are given are meant to make you stronger, grow as a person. When you have a strong relationship you will grow together and learn some of life’s lessons together.

But there are some lessons in life that are just meant for you. There are times when life throws something at you that you don’t know if you can handle let alone another person. This is where you have to know if you can trust your partner or not. This is where you love is tested. When you are in a relationship with someone you must be able to trust them and they must trust you. That should be the one person you can tell anything too. When you hide things from them because you may be afraid of what they will say or do you are not respecting them as a person. This is the person you claim to love! Right? Once a person starts to resent you for not confiding in them, not being truthful, it is hard to get that back.

This is where I mentioned earlier that you or they begin to pick the other apart. Nothing they seem to be doing anymore is right, even if it was right before. Everything , or little things they do bother you or visa versa. I could list a whole bunch of things that could begin to get on your nerves, but I am sure you already know what they may be. It’s like a train that has derailed, now you have the task of getting it back on track. It is very hard but it is not impossible. When you truly love someone nothing is impossible.

Sometimes I don’t think we fall out of love with the other person. I think we fall out of like, we don’t like what they have done or said. I know that may sound strange but you can still love someone just maybe don’t like them for what they have done or said.

Love is a very complex emotion and some people can handle it and others just can’t, don’t, or won’t. They don’t know how to hold on to the value of another persons love, it is a precious gift that you are given and should never take for granted. Life has many lessons to learn some are harder then others. When two people truly love each other they will learn from these lessons and grow together, nothing will tear them apart.

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