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So what makes a realationship function, how to keep the spark that was there at the beginning and to realise, love in a relationship is special and takes commitment. I can safely say i am deeply in love at the tender age of 21...ok im not an expert or anything but understand what love is! i met my girlfriend 3 years ago when i first began university and havnt looked back.

However, it didnt happen over night as it wasnt until one year after meeting tht we became a couple, i was in a relationship for the FIRST time. I can honestly say i loved her after the first few meetings we had, the cliche cinema date was a complete success and we bonded. We shared our likes and dislikes and we became close friends. I had never bought into having a girlfriend and being in a relationship too young, i was 19 at the time and very much into my sport and studies. I would consider myself a genuine guy and appreciated my Girlfriend from the first time i met her.

However, its no always easy,i love my girl with all my heart and would safely say i hope she is my first and only Girlfriend! Due to our career paths and university degrees we have had to make sacrifices in terms of seeing eachother less often as she went on placement abroad and i remained home to work on my career at my dads business. Its been difficult but an experience in which i have found myself loving her even more ( if it was possible), although we are a distant apart, i believe we have never been closer. Its something we share as a couple that i believe what makes relationships work, its that undying trust that is not always there in a relationship. We have never had such problems, we have never had the stress of knowing what shes doing or what i am doing, deep down we know we love eachother the rest just clicks. She is part of my everyday working life and could not be happier.

So how does the spark remain you ask? well thats easy, although i see my girlfriend few and far between when i do each time its like seeing her for the first time, its a feeling i cant describe and the time i spend with her is time that goes by too fast! We are a great couple and when we are together we make up for all the time apart and able to enjoy those smaller moments more, like waking up beside her, going for walks, dinner, a dvd!

Relationships are easy when your happy, when you realise the trust you share, the good times that have past and the times ahead. Realtionships take time, effort and sacrifices and for anyone in love, make sure you realize what you have, while you have it. There is a balance in relationships whereby if met, life can be so much easier, i find my work, sporting life and love for my girlfriend all part of who i am today.

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