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Romance Is Alive And Well
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Romance did not die the 19th Century. Just because most romantic novels are written about the 19th century it does not mean that the 20th Century was romantically dead. In fact now in the 21st Century there are still many ways in which to woo your partner and enjoy excitement of romance A candle-lit dinner can still have just as much anxiety and enjoyment as a walk through the park. Imagine gently holding hands while walking across well-tailored lawns and enjoying a full moon filtering through the tall trees in the park.


Imagine a red candle in the middle of the round table with two chairs tastefully decorated with white table cloth, red serviettes and wine glasses standing outside on the lawn on a calm summer's evening. Now walk to the table, sit down and watch as your loved one emerges carrying a bottle of your favorite wine. Feel the electric chemistry surrounding the scene and the excitement of anticipation.

How touched would you feel when you open your lunch-box and find a note in it saying something like; "I am missing you, please hurry home safely, I love you."? Those words will inspire you for the day with the knowledge that someone who loves you is waiting at home. Find a quiet corner and think about your love for your partner – why you fell in love in the first place – what acts or habits make them irresistible – what makes up his/her beauty; and then write a letter to your sweetheart sharing your thoughts. Yes, this is a love-letter. You will be amazed at how love-letters can bring the two of you closer, especially if it is written in total honesty. A sincere love letter is one of the most powerful, mysterious and thoughtful tools you can use in your relationship.

Once you have shared some of your most intimate feelings through actions or letters, do not be surprised if you walk into a softly lit, clean smelling bedroom with the light-bulbs screwed out and only a few strategically placed candles. Maybe even a bottle of chilled Champagne on the bedside pedestal. Or maybe even a drawn bath in a candle-lit bathroom with two glasses of bubbly to enjoy.

Out and About

When you plan time out, whether for an evening or weekend, find places which afford you the privacy to perform little acts of intimacy like holding hands, necking and sitting really close. You want to be able to say some of those intimate things you put in your love letters without intrusion. Go to a roof-top Restaurant from which you can see the stars. Go camping where you can enjoy the stillness and sleep under the stars with someone you are crazy about.

There are so many ideas to keep the romance in your life alive that you need never to neglect your relationship. Every touch, every smile, every look every act should express love and romance will become second nature in your life. You will grow together in love and build a sustainable romantic relationship.

Remember the three most powerful phrases of expressing love; "I love you." "I like you." And "I miss you." Repeated often will work wonders in your relationship and cast a strong foundation for its continuance.

Being a romantic at heart and thoroughly enjoying the excitement of stolen kisses and being wooed by my loving partner, I thought I would share some ideas with you.

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