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Use You Common Sense To Win Your Love Back
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So you’ve split up but realise that you want to win your love back and you want to go about it the right way, without jeopardising any chances you have of getting back together.

Many people want to win their love back but don't understand the correct way of going about it and consequently only succeed in driving their lost love even further from them with no possible chance of ever being reunited.

The following advice should help you to avoid driving your ex away from you and help you.

A common mistake that many people make, is to bombard their ex partner’s with emails and text messages. This is to be avoided at all costs.

This will anger and annoy that person. Just think for a minute, how you would feel if you had text messages flooding into your phone. Wouldn’t you just turn your phone off? I would be very surprised if that wasn’t your first reaction

Don’t go down this route as it only gives your ex the impression that you are indeed desperate to get back together. What you must do instead is to play it really cool and not make contact at all for a while.

By not making contact with your ex, they will become quite curious as to what you are doing and how you are. Yes they will be thinking about you but in a curious way.

Do you meet up with a group of friends on a regular basis that includes her? If so, play it really cool here as well and flirt with other girls in that group, but not with her. This will undoubtedly remind her of all the good and charming things about you and because you are not directing your attention to her, she will realise what she is missing and will want to come back to you

Above all else, and no matter how miserable you may be feeling, be happy or at least try to give the impression that you are happy. Of course to begin with this is a difficult one.

Get out with your friends and maybe take up a new hobby Find a new interest that perhaps you've wanted to do for a while but haven’t had that time to do it. Doing these things will take your mind off your ex and your wanting to contact her constantly and with luck doing these things will make you happier.

Girls really do like to date happy guys. Concentrate on this and your chances of her coming are greatly improved.

This way, whether you get the girl back or you move on, you will be a happier person.

Good luck in your endeavour to win your love back.

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