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Why Cant She Love Me The Way I Am?
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You've found the perfect woman. She cooks. She cleans. She knows the finer points of a good hockey game. There only seems to be one problem with the relationship as far as you can tell. She just doesn't seem to love you like you are. She always seems to be expecting you to change or be someone you're not. You think she's perfect in so many ways but you still spend a lot of time wondering "Why can't she love me the way I am?"

It's hard when you think she's perfect just as she is to understand that women aren't wired the same way as men. You see her as a Masterpiece to be adored and accepted as she is. You believe her flaws are part of what makes her that brilliant work of art and accept her because of them rather than in spite of them. Women, on the other hand, see you as a potential work of art. Or rather, something she can make a few minor 'tweaks' to in order to bring more value into the picture. You see her as the real deal and she sees you as a project or a work in progress.

It can be a real heartbreaker when this happens to a man. But it happens more often than most men care to realize or admit. Most men deny that's what's going on for quite some time while others find a more passive aggressive method for dealing with the problem and the fallout is has on the relationship. The problem is, if she doesn't love you as you are or, at least, learn to accept you as you are then there are going to be problems in the relationship. You're going to have really big problems. These are the kinds of problems that could leave one or both of you wondering how to get your ex back if you aren't careful.

How do You Deal with the Problem?

The thing is, you're going to have to actually deal with the problem if you want to solve it. And it must be solved if you ever want to have a happy and healthy relationship filled with love and mutual respect. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind to make your future look much brighter together.

  • Call her on what she's doing and discuss the real issues instead of sugar coating things.
  • Agree to work on some improvements for the sake of the relationship but learn to ask for what you need or want in the relationship too.
  • Be your strongest advocate and her strongest cheerleader to promote peace and harmony in the relationship.

You shouldn't allow yourself to be pushed into becoming someone you're not for the sake of saving your relationship. But, that doesn't mean you have to stand rigid and firm against the prospect of making any changes either. But you're probably going to need a little help teaching her how to love you as you are instead of trying to change you all the time.

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