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Why Did He Stop Loving Me?
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You thought you had it all. You believed you had found the perfect man. He treated you like the princess you needed to be for a while. Now he's decided to move on to other pastures. He's given you the tired old lines about how it's him and not you. He insists that there's no one else. He just really needs space – at least that's what he tells you. You just keep asking the same question over and over and getting no good answers: "Why did he stop loving me?" What you really want to know though is "how can I make him love me all over again?" At least, that's what you want when you're really being honest with yourself.

The rest of the time you might want something more along the lines of him being unable to bear the thought of another woman taking your place in his heart and mind and running back begging you to give him another chance. That's not a bad thought to have at a time like this. But there are better things you can spend your time worrying over other than hoping he'll come to his senses and decide he really is hopelessly devoted to you.

Take heart in the fact that it's doubtful that he's suddenly stopped loving you. It's more likely that he's putting up a few walls of his own (yes, men do this too) to guard against that love but he still feels it very strongly. You just have to bring it to the surface and remind him of just how good it can feel to be in love with you all over again. Of course that's only necessary if you're interested in making things work out between the two of you. When you're ready to save your relationship, in fact, your first step will be to make your man remember just how good it feels to be in love with you.

Once you manage to do that, it won't matter at all that he ever stopped, or thought he stopped, loving you before. Here are a few ways you can get him to remember the love he feels for you.

Recreate your first date. This is something guys often consider doing for their girlfriends to rekindle the relationship but rarely is it suggested that girls do this to help their guys remember how good things have been in the past. The truth is that guys are just as sentimental as girls a lot of the time and this is a gesture that has a lot of impact potential.

Make him feel like he's the King of your world. Make sure this isn't a temporary thing though if you're planning to use it. That way it will continue to work and bring your relationship to new levels of love, affection, and openness that it has never enjoyed in the past.

Both of these gestures can help him remember the love he feels for you and so much more. Unfortunately, they alone are not enough to get your ex back after a breakup. You're going to need to follow a bit of expert advice and do a little study and reading of your own to learn about how to make that incredible feat take place.

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