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Will Love Last This Time Around – How Can I Tell?
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Getting nervous about the potential of a new relationship? Are you looking for answers about whether or not love is going to last this time around? Do you doubt your ability to recognize a healthy romantic possibility because you've had more than your fair share of romantic tragedies lately? Love isn't the sort of thing that comes with guarantees. There just aren't any. There are too many sides of the equation you must deal with in order to make it last. However, there are techniques and tips that you can use in your relationship that will help a healthy romance last if you're willing to put them to work for the good of your relationship.

Is there a way to tell if love will last for you? Not unless you have a good friend with an accurate crystal ball. The sad truth is that part of the glory of love lies in not knowing what the future holds for the two of you. But that doesn't mean there aren't things you can do that will make the outlook for your future much brighter than it is for the average couple. Prevention is always the best cure and when you learn to prevent many of the situations and things that rip other couples apart you'll be in a much better position to paint the perfect ending for your relationship and pick your own colors.

The real secret to making love last and being confident that your love will stand the test of time this time around is to keep your relationship exciting and new. It's hard to get bored or grow complacent in a relationship that is constantly evolving and growing. It's such a small thing to do in a relationship to have such a far reaching impact on your future but it can save your relationship at the end of the day.

Here's what you need to do to keep your relationship evolving and growing so that it doesn't stagnate, sputter, and fizzle out on you.

  • Find a new way to make your partner feel loved and cherished each and every day.
  • Always find something in the day to be grateful about and really feel that gratitude rather than simply giving it lip service.
  • Make time for the physical needs of the relationship even if you have to pencil it in. You should never be too busy for this and it's often the first thing to go when schedules grow chaotic.
  • Be free with compliments and reluctant to offer criticism.
  • Find a middle ground on matters of finance that you can both live with (money matters are the leading cause for breakups and unhappiness in relationships today – don't let that happen to you and yours).

These small steps will carry you a long way towards your goal of making your relationship work. When used properly they can even help you get your ex back. But there is still a lot to learn to make your relationship one that is sure to stand the tests of time – make sure you're following expert advice when it's your relationship that's on the line.

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