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You Never Stop Being A Mother
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When you become a mother there is no more you. Your whole life changes whether you want it to or not. This 24/7 365 day a year job is a very important one. One of the most important jobs or adventures of your life. If you are lucky and have a spouse or partner to help with this job that makes it even more rewarding. Your children should always come first. They did not ask to be here, and whether you planned for it or not they are yours to do the best job you possibly can with.

Now with all that said, this job is easier said than done. When your child is small they require a lot of time and attention. You can not even take a shower or go to the bathroom without making sure they are safe or someone is watching them. As they get older this only changes a little, as now they come in the bathroom with you.

There is no privacy for you anymore. This is only a small example of your lack of you anymore. Don’t even let me go there about leaving the house to go shopping or what ever else you might need to go do. You may wish for a peaceful moment and get one on a rare occasion, but teaching them to understand they will be fine if you are gone for a while. Teaching them to entertain themselves at a young age will help you have your few moments of peace.

You must look at them as an extension of you, they are individuals and should be taught to think and act like such. This 24/7 job has many rewards, you may not reap them at first but little by little and given your effort you will see it pay off. Children are like sponges and they take in everything around them, both positive and negative. So this may make your job even harder when they are outside of the home where you are not totally able to supervise who they interact with. They may begin to rebel against what you have tried to instill in them. This is not easy to fight against but not impossible to stop. Because yet again they are your job and no one likes to be a failure at anything they do.

Influences by other children can be good and bad. Everyone treats their children in different ways. If there is an influence at school or daycare that your child is around and you do not like the effect it has on them then you must intervene and do something to let the proper person know you do not what your child exposed to what ever it is. This is much harder work then in the beginning I must say. But if you have instilled in them certain standards they will know right from wrong and not engage in these types of behaviors, ones they know you do not approve of because all they want is to please you. Being a mother, being a parent is a lifetime job it does not end when they turn 18.

You should never feel guilty if you know you did your best. You can not control the world or anyone’s actions. But if you lay the ground work, set the path and help them stay on it and encourage them if they stray. You will be rewarded far greater than anything money can buy. Because you know you did your job as a parent to the best of your ability. Nothing compares to the love and joy your children give you.

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