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Help Your Father Quit Smoking On Father's Day
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Help Your Father Quit Smoking On Father\'s Day

If you are wondering how to help your father quit smoking on Father's Day, then you know he's gonna have to Green Smoke, right? I mean, #Imjustsaying. As far as I know, everyone that Green Smoke love it and will reccomend it to any tobacco smoker.

In most cases, for father's day, people buy their father jewlery, clothes, or shaver. Those are all ok, but I am pretty sure that every once in a while, your father will appreciate a gift that is creative and really thoughtful. See, I call the Green Smoke creative for several reasons. It has:

1. No tar/ash

2. No smell

3. 2 part patented design

4. Vapor smoke

I know you are probably thinking, "O my gosh", how? Well, the answer is simple. It's electric. And because it's electric, it can not cause:

1. Fire

2. pollution in the air that we breathe

Do you realize having a product that does not cause fire and pollute the air is a great investment? All the factories and cars that we drive pollute the air every single second. And people's house and business get burned, because of a simple mistake of not putting the ash out. Green Smoke eliminates both of these problems.

Now, as far as quit smoking, that is where the 0 to 24 mg nicotine levels come in at. It is up to the smoker to decide how high or light they want to be. And if that smoker choose to stop smoking completely, the 0 mg of nicotine has no nicotine at all.

So, not only are you giving your father a gift that is helping him, but you are also giving back to the earth that we live on. So, my question to you is, "will your father appreciate it more than a shirt or watch"? Honestly, in my humble opioion, "I think he will".

Many people have their say on tobacco smoking, but the fact of the matter is that lung cancer is caused by smoking and cigarette smokers make up about 90% of patients with lung cancer. With less waste, no ash, and no fire, it has got to be better than tobacco cigarettes.

I don't mean to talk bad about tobacco cigarettes, but it is killing the people we love. Even a stinky breath is harmful, because it can cause to create plaque in our gums.

Yes, do your father, friend, uncle, or brother a favor and help them quit smoking on Father's Day!

If you are wondering how to help your father quit smoking on Father's Day, then you know he's gonna have to Green Smoke, right? Yes, going green is always better for the earth. Do you think so?

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Great Article Saytue I had alot who I know final quit smoking plus my wife also. Gary

  about 1 decade ago
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