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So You Want Steak
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So You Want Steak

So it's the week end and you want to head outdoors to grill a steak.Let's go!First off you need to decide what cut of steak you desire. Is it a beef steak or one of the newer meats they have out such as, buffalo, ostrich or alligator? Since I personally have never used those steaks because the price is very prohibitive in my geographic location I'll have to stick to beef.

Now that we have decided that we want a beef steak, do we want a strip steak,a filet or my personal favorite, a rib-eye. I'll go with the rib-eye. I understand that it is one of the most expensive cuts but I usually get a steak that is big enough to cut in half after all you only need about 4 ounces of meat per person.

First things first though. Get your grill or if you have to cook indoors, your grill pan. I always use cooking spray. It makes it so much easier to clean. Start heating about 20 minutes before you are ready to cook outside or 10 minutes if cooking indoors.

Let your steak come to room temperature, that does not mean letting it sit on the counter all day. You want a delicious steak dinner not a trip to the emergency room with food poisoning. Then you'll want to pat it dry with a paper towel so that the surface is dry.(No this will not make your cooked steak dry.)

Get out a clove of fresh garlic and cut in half. Then rub both sides of the patted dry steak with it. Yes, some pieces of the garlic will break off and be left in the steak. This will not be a bad thing.

Here come your seasonings. I usually just use salt, a little lemon pepper, either granulated or powdered onion and some granulated garlic. Yeah, I know more garlic but this is my steak and that's how it rolls on my grill. Some people like to put a little olive oil on the steak to help it sear better and seal in the moistness, I don't need to because of the fat content of the rib-eye. Personal preference. However do remember that olive oil is good for you so you make the call.

Now since you should let the seasonings rest on the meat for a short period of time you can go out and see how your grill is doing and move the coals so that you just have one layer of coals.

When you have done that get your steak and put it directly over the hottest part of your grill for 4-5 minutes(make sure you have a squirt bottle for flare-ups!) flip and repeat on other side. The second side will cook faster than the first side so don't just walk away.

When the second side minutes are up, move your steak to the coolest part of the grill and allow it to sit for 2-3 minutes. Remove from grill and let sit on cutting board for 10 to 15 minutes while you finish preparing the rest of the meal. You want to make sure you let the steak rest or only the first bite will be as juicy and succulent as you are imagining because the juices will run out of the steak and leave it dry and tasteless. Not so yummy for that expensive steak you were dreaming about.

Now all you have left to do is grab your knife and fork and dig in to the tastiest steak you can get at home and when it's all done don't forget to go and KISS THE COOK!

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