What Is Biltong?
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What is Biltong?

Being a Biltong Blogger, I made a decision that I ought to begin right at the start and mention what jerked meat is and wherever it comes from.

Biltong is cured and dried meat that originated from Republic of South Africa. The name jerked meat directly translated from Dutch means that rump (bil) strip or tongue (tong). The foremost well-liked jerked meat is created from beef fillets, however jerked meat is additionally made up of game like koudou, springbok, eland, ostrich and even chicken. The meat is dig long skinny strips (about 20mm thick), ready then hanged dead set dry for many days.

Origins of Biltong

Biltong originated in Republic of South Africa once the Afrikaner folks had to travel nice distances from the province up north with ox wagons. As they weren't thus lucky to own refrigerators in those days, they'd to return up with ways to preserve giant quantities of meat. The meat was ready, then hanged dead set dry for concerning period then packed in fabric baggage.

Biltong preparation

Biltong is created by soaking the meat in vinegar for a amount of your time then rubbing it totally during a mixture of salt, black pepper, coriander and a few different spices. The opposite spices might vary from something like barbecue spice to chilly spices.

Biltong is created by soaking the meat in vinegar for a amount of your time then rubbing it totally during a mixture of salt, black pepper, coriander and a few different spices. The opposite spices might vary from something like barbecue spice to chilly spices.

Biltong comes in numerous forms

We all ought to understand jerked meat as these longs strips of meat that gets dig skinny edible slices. Over the years jerked meat makers came up with many completely different kinds of jerked meat. Here are many

Biltong Sticks

One of the foremost well-liked kinds of jerked meat is biltong sticks, particularly those with chilly spices referred to as chilly sticks. The chilly sticks are very hip to fancy with many beers and friends whereas look a football game.

Biltong Nuggets

The meat is dig little items and dried out. This makes a awfully dry and arduous snack to chew on. Jerked meat nuggets are terribly tasty and habit-forming. Just like the sticks, chilly jerked meat nuggets are very hip and conjointly a good snack to fancy with brew and friends.

Biltong Blades

The meat is cut terribly skinny (2-3mm) then dried out. Jerked meat blades are nearly like jerky and build pleasing snack to chew on.

Baby jerked meat

Baby biltong is beef jerked meat dig smaller sizes and no robust spices or coriander is employed to form it. This jerked meat is particularly created for babies to chew on and could be a nice remedy for baby dentition issues.

Uses for Biltong

Biltong is extremely well-liked in Republic of South Africa and are enjoyed on an everyday basis as a snack with friends whereas look a game of football. Jerked meat is additionally a good snack to pack for a picnic or as a lunch pack to require to figure.

Because jerked meat is high in supermolecule and has zero sugars or carbohydrates, it conjointly proves to be very hip amongst the health conscience folks or folks following a coffee carb high fat diet.

Biltong conjointly makes nice gifts and different people like to receive a biltong hamper as a present crammed with several tasty jerked meat and other snacks. If you don’t understand what gift to shop for a person UN agency possesses it all, jerked meat is that the answer as a present for a person.

Biltong may also be wont to as associate ingredient in tasty and healthy recipes. Smart examples are jerked meat potjie, jerked meat dish or jerked meat bread.

Availability of Biltong

Although jerked meat can't be exported to any or all countries from Republic of South Africa, it's become a preferred snack worldwide. It therefore created in different countries in addition and may be found at the most retail retailers. Simply don't confuse it with jerky. You’ve got not lived before you've got not tried this delicious snack.

See additional concerning jerked meat at www. biltongsa. com

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