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Building Trust
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Trust is one of the most critical aspects of being a good manager. It takes time to build trust from your employees. Some people build trust quickly. Their attitudes and behavior make it easy for others to trust them. If you are an honest person your employees will see that and will trust you. But what do you do to win over ther trust of all your employees? Here are a few tips on how to build trust with your employees.

Keep promises. You can rely on them to do what they said they would do. This person does whatever it takes to accomplish this task. If it means giving up something they want to do or staying late at work, they will do it just to deliver their promise.

Tell the truth. Telling the truth doesn’t mean you have to hurt the person. There are ways to do that without hurting that person. Your choice of words are critical. When telling the truth you might want to offer a suggestion. This will let the person know you genuinely care.

Apologize when you do something wrong. When they apologize they are sincerely sorry for what they did. . Let’s not confuse this with intentionally making mistakes because you believe you will be forgiven. A boss will soon find out who you really are.

Be a good listener. People want to be heard. Let them talk. You will have your turn. Especially when you are talking to your employees. Being a good listener means you really show concern for what the other person is saying and not just hearing them.

Praise people. Remember the saying "catch them doing something right?'' Find the good that your employees and let them know you appreciate their efforts.

Be willing to cooperate with your peers. The emphasis should be on achieving good results and not who will get the credit. When your colleagues see that they will be willing to help you. strive to understand how others

Strive to understand how others feel. They look out for other people’s interests as well as their own. Be genually interested in other people.

Be fair in their dealing with everyone. This is important if you are the boss. It is important that you do not play favorites. You will immediately lose trust from your employees.

Be clear on your intentions. If you want to get results your plan should be precise and clear to your employees. This way they know what you expect. Seek input on issues from the people who will be affected by their decisions or actions.

Strong trust builders have a high relationship orientation. They really do care about others. They actively practice the Golden Rule, treating others the way they would want to be treated. When you demonstrate these attitudes and behaviors, people just naturally trust you more. They trust you faster, too. They enjoy working or living with you. As a manager your employees need to trust you.

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