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Enthusiasm Is A Factor Of Success
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To be happy in life, believe in yourself, and be a good person. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? You can’t expect your employees to have faith in a boss who doesn’t believe in themselves. A poor self image is the biggest obstacle to success in life. Find out why you have a poor self image and do something about it. It might be that you are not comfortable in the position you are in. It’s your responsibility to educate yourself to be more confident. This happens to a new manager. You are put in a positions you really wanted but unsure how to succeed in it. Nobody’s going to do it for you; you have to do it yourself. Find out what you don’t like about yourself and change it. Make lists of your strengths and areas you need improvement in and seek advice from a friend or a respected colleague.

Self pity stinks. Don’t dwell on negative things in your life unless you can change them. If you can, do so. If you can’t, don’t let what you can’t change interfere with what you can. Understand what’s best for you, and go after it. Knowing your strengths and build upon them.

Many people start out with a love for their job, but soon lose their enthusiasm when they don’t achieve immediate success. Success is not a destiny, it’s a journey. It’s important to experience success to maintain enthusiasm for your job. If you have worked your way up the ladder in your organization then you are a success and that should make you enthusiastic about your job. It’s when you believe you have completely succeeded that your enthusiasm stops. You need to continue to move forward. Each victory brings renewed enthusiasm which makes you work even harder.

When you lose, your enthusiasm is gone. You work less because you feel down. But now is when you really need to have enthusiasm the most to pick you back up. It’s easy to maintain enthusiasm when you’re winning, but it’s crucial to maintain it when you lose. This is evident in any sports team.

Surround yourself with people who love their jobs. You’ll pick up on their enthusiasm, it’s very contagious. You can’t be enthusiastic some of the time, you have to feel enthusiastic all the time. That’s what makes leaders different from managers. They don’t dwell in self pity, feeling sorry for themselves when things go badly. They conquer the situation and go forward with their chin up, shoulder back ready for the next challenge.

Street Talk

Hey Sam, I totally agree with you that enthusiasm is a foundation for garnering a productive, positive, environment. I feel that it is also necessary for leaders to display the behaviors they want of their followers. Behaviors like respect, kindness, and politeness.

  about 1 decade ago
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