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Rules For A Manager To Live By
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A good manager knows everything that’s going on in his or her department and with their people. By communicating with your people you know what’s going on and when your boss asks you about your department you will have an answer immediately. When you do it shows him you’re on top of your game and you know what’s going on.

Your team should know what your goals are and what you expect of them. The first place you should start is your company’s mission statement. This will be the foundation where you begin to build your goals for your department. Your company has a mission they expect you to follow; it’s your job to create a plan with your team on how you will accomplish this. When your team knows what the plan is they will follow it and thus you will know exactly what’s going on in your department.

Your team should consist of the best people. This begins at the hiring process. This is the most important part, and too many managers hire to fill a spot, rather than take the time to screen, interview and hire the right person. However after hiring it is important to monitor our selection to make sure we made the right choice. If you invest in your people a majority of your promotions can be filled by advancing current employees.

Foster a team building department. Everyone wants to be part of a team, especially a winning team. Require your employees to work together as a team to accomplish the department’s goals. This way when they are achieved everyone can enjoy in the celebration.

Listen to what your people have to say. Too often we want to speak more, and we will shoot from the hip when only partially informed. Take the time and listen to your employees. This is also important when you’re trying to comprehend why and employee’s performance has declined. By not listening you may think the problem is worse than it really is and there is an easy solution.

If you set parameters and standards for your people you can enable them the freedom and latitude to reach the goal. It is important to follow the standards; however there may be more than one way to accomplish it. Allow your people that flexibility to be creative. Let them solve problems by taking the time to truly identify the cause and the best solution. This show then you have confidence in them and there way just might save the company time and money.

Evaluate your people fairly and often. Don’t wait for a mandated review by your company. People want to know how they are doing, if their work is on course with what you and the company expect.

A good manager knows what’s going on in your department and you will not have to worry about any surprises.

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