Supreme Material Handling Products
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Roto Moulded Products

Supreme offers a range of Roto moulded Material Handling products, be it Crates, Pallets, Bins or for Garbage Handling Dust bins.

Made in most technologically advanced setup at India’s largest Plastics Processing Unit.

Supreme Roto moulded products offer-

• Freedom from standard specifications.

• Very heavy duty applications.

• Tailor made solutions.

• Durability in repetitive usage.

• Wide range of available products.

☺Roto Moulded Crates, Roto moulded products, Roto Garbage bins, Roto Pallets. Customized Roto Crates.

Injection Moulded Pallets

Supreme with its state of the art advanced technology is the largest manufacturer of Injection Moulded Pallets in India.

No wonder we provide the largest range of Injection Moulded Pallets for diverse industry applications.

Supreme Pallets offer:

• Economy

• Durability

• Compliance with world standards (HACCP, GMP, ISO 14000, 9000)

• Washable and insect proof

• Automation with Forklifts, Stackers, Hand Pallets as well as Auto retrieval pallet systems

• Maintenance free

• Recyclable With committed quality standards, you trusted for decades.

☺Injection Moulded Pallets, Supreme Pallets, Pallets for diverse industry, Plastic pallets

Series Crates

1. 300x200 Series Crates are available with weight options ranging from 100mm to 200mm. These crates are specially suitable for Automobile, Fasteners, Hardware & Electronics industry.

☺ 300x200 Series Crates, Crates for Automobile, Fasteners, Hardware & Electronics industry

2. 400x300 Series Crates have a versatile range, with availability from very small height of 65mm to 275mm meeting the varied needs in industry like Automobile, Engineering, Electrical and Electronics

☺400x300 Series Crates, Crates for Automobile, Engineering, Electrical & Electronics.

3. 500x325 Series Crates are very useful crates which fit into recyclable Material Handling of very diverse products, be it Bakery, Fruit & Vegetable, Automobile, or Engineering products.

Available in Height as low as 100mm, high of 250 mm.

Supreme also provides front partially open crates for easy handling of small parts and spares in storage.

☺500x325 Series Crates, Front partially open crates, Crates for Bakery, Fruit & Vegetable, Automobile or Engineering products.

4. Supreme 600x 400 Series has most exhaustive range and most widely used crates

especially in Automobiles, Auto components, Engineering Units, The 600x400 Series

is available in heights ranging from 600x400x080/75mm to 600x400x485mm.

☺ Supreme 600x400 Series, Crates especially for Automobiles, Auto components,

Engineering Units, Heavy usage crates.

5. 650 x 450 Series, commonly known as Jumbo series, available in two height options of 315 mm & 210 mm height options of 315 mm and 210 mm having capacity of 76 ltrs and 50 ltrs.

Many model specific to usage in industries like Fisheries, Bread & Bakery, Tent, Catering, Glass, Engineering, Packers & Movers are introduced by us.

Supreme also take the pleasure of Introducing Double Wall Jumbo Crates for super heavy

duty usage in Fisheries, The crates promises to withstand the rigors of Transit and Industry.

☺650x450 Series, Jumbo Series, Jumbo Crates, Crates for Fisheries, Bread & Bakery, Tent, Catering, Glass, Engineering, Packers & Movers, Double wall jumbo crates, Heavy duty crates, Fisheries crates

6. Bins

Supreme Bins which are partially open at the front provide handling ease for storage of small components and spare parts. Bins are available from smaller Bin 1 to Bigger Bin 50.

☺Bins, Bin-1, Bin-50, partially open bins, small components bins.

7. Anti Static & Conductive Crates

In Electronics and Electrical industry continuously face a predisposed danger of static charge, which causes irreversible damage to valuable components, Supreme offers a wide range of Anti static and Conductive crates to help safe storage and transportation of components specially sensitive to static charges for Electrical , Electronics and Explosive devices manufacturing companies.

Please note: Conductive crates are available only in Black colour due to high content of carbon and carbon black.

☺Anti Static & Conductive Crates, Crates for Electrical, Electronics, Black colour crates.

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