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The Power Of Persuasion
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The Power Of Persuasion

Persuasion is a powerful technique used to sway a person's actions, thoughts, ideas, and attitude in a certain direction. Another way to explain persuasion is to appeal to a person's reasoning or understanding. Mastering this technique gives you power over influencing the social masses, which is a tool used in direct marketing everyday. To use persuasion to have influence over others is a essential key to success in any negotiation. Impulse Factors are forms of persuasion, where we influence emotions to behave in a particular manner. But you can read about that on my site. For now we'll just focus on achieving this power called persuasion.

The goal. What's the goal? We have to focus on the goal. Sometimes in direct marketing we can know to much about our business, and it causes us to lose sight of the real issues. Everyone has a different perception of what the goals really are. We define our goals by asking the group " What's the goal? " We also can't be afraid to ask for direct input if you don't get any replies. Let's say a new product comes in and you want to find the best way to pitch for that product. The best way to find out, is to present the item to the sales crew, and ask " What's the benefit in this product?" After all, isn't it the goal to show the customer the benefits in getting the product? If no one speaks up, single a person out to help get the creative juices flowing in the room.

So that we don't get confused with a whole list of ideas, we want to spell out and agree on a few sentences about what are the best benefits we can offer to the customer. State the obvious goal, because once you state the obvious goal you become the leader even if you're not the one in charge. Now we can use our new found influence to move the crowd in a more positive direction if the group isn't getting anywhere. Sometimes obvious situations are clouded to the people involved the most. Become the leader, ask "What's the goal?" And use persuasion and influence to move the room in the positive direction. By doing so you will create a following and people will look to you for answers.

There are seven trigger words that has a neurological effect on the brain that cause people to say yes, we say yes because some of these words have been deeply rooted in us for millenia. The others take a hold of us emotionally. Mastering these trigger words will definitely put you ahead of to game. The trigger words are as follows.

Because: Because is a cause and effect word. When we're ask to do a task, we all would like an explanation before we do anything. What most of us don't know is after we hear the word because the rest of the explanation can be empty. Now, think about it.

Now: Now is also a cause and effect word. The word now is a deep rooted word from hearing it as kids for wanting to do something other than what we're told. "It's time for bed." No not yet mom. "Now." And that usually the end of the conversation. As adults we bombarded by the word Now through sales campaigns. Buy Now, Call Now, Click Now. But Not Now Huh.

Imagine: Imagine is another cause and effect word. We all have infinite minds, with infinite creativity, and infinite imagination. Tell us to imagine and we'll do just that. Imagine That.

Please & Thank You: We all know that please and thank you are the magic words."What's the magic word?" We use these words to get a positive response.

Use of Name: Use a person's name only at the beginning and the end of the conversation, your influence will be more effective.

Control: Tell a person they're "In Control" or they're "In Charge" Then you've just influence them to give you the floor.

Using persuasion and gaining influence over people are very important in the world of direct marketing. But persuasion and influence should be practiced and used in everyday life, not just direct marketing. I use direct marketing as an example on how to apply these techniques, use them for everyday situations and see if life becomes easier for you. Just imagine being a great communicator, able to get what you just by asking. Now anyone can be as persuasive and influencial as we want, you just have to believe.

The benefits of being a power persuader is simple. If you're in sales, you'll use persuasion to close more often. Maybe you can ask that date out that you've wanting to take out for so long. Use your influence to motivate your kids to do the right things. Get a discount on those airplane ticket that aren't on discount because you understand the principles of persuasion. The possibilities are infinite, and the best part is you don't care if it's a "YES" or a "NO" because some will, some wont, so what, how's next. Thank you.

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