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5 Ways To Beat The Recession!
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5 Ways to Beat the Recession!

Follow along to find 5 ways to make money today!!

That's right its another make money today post. For some reason people love to read these things. How to make money now, see what I made in a day, look what I made in a month, make $4,765,289.89 a year working from home. No matter what the title of the post, no matter how ridiculous people love to read these things.

Now, I am the type of guy that tries everything that sparks my interest. I am not a real go getter or even super successful. I am just a regular guy trying to get by. In this post you will read what 5 things you can do to make money now. No matter how hard you might think it is its really not because their are thousands of other people doing the same thing.

So if you are that type of person who wants to make money, but just doesn't know how. This post is for you. If you are that above average go getter type of person, this post is not for you. Chances are you are already way ahead of the game, but by all means read on if you want a laugh.

The first thing you could do is read emails and take surveys. Now I am not talking about great money here, maybe just 20-40 dollars a week. Nothing at all to brag about. Infact if you see someone saying they make over 5000/ a month taking surveys they are probably lying to you. I have done it and I see it to be nearly impossible to make even a thousand a month doing this. But if you have some free time and you are always on the computer why not invest your time in reading a few emails and taking some surveys. My suggestion is you open a new email account, something you don't care to get rid of when you are done. The reason for this is because all of the emails you will receive from joining these sites.

The second thing you could do is mow a few lawns. Mowing lawns is hard work , but great excersise and a quick cash pay out. What....??.Did you expect me to give you some top secret way to make money, and strike it rich? You wanted ideas, and I'm giving them to you. These are way more realistic than the hyped up stories of making millions a year from the internet. I am not saying that information is false, but the chances of anyone striking it rich online is slim to none. The internet has been around for a long time and almost everything has been thought of already and someone else is already doing it. I mow lawns twice a month every other weekend and usually bring in 6-7 hundred a month.

The third thing you could do is create a website and market products from your page. This can be very lucrative. I am not an expert by any means in this subject. In the past week and a half I have met some really smart people. Some just like you and me, and some that pretty much wrote the book on Internet Marketing. I recently joined a site that coaches you to success. It's like a Facebook for professionals. A private site full of information and the within the social network there are thousands that are willing to help you succeed. Within the free trial I was able to create a webpage and start making money. Before then I had absolutely no knowledge on how to create a webpage let alone make money with it. Again I am not a real go getter so my progress on this has slowed to my own pace, so far I have made a little over 11 dollars lol. Your success depends on you and how much effort you wish to put forth.

The fourth thing you could do is multi level marketing. I have done this for years and it takes a while like anyhting, to find the right company selling the right product to actually make any money from this strategy. But it can be done. I currently sell energy (green, electricity, and natural gas) to residential and commercial customers in numerous states. I found a company that does not charge you any MLM fees and has a descent residual and up front commission bonus. My suggestion to you is to do yor research before you buy. There are a ton of companies out there ready to take your money and sell you the next best thing. They promise the world and tell you their product is the best since sliced bread, before you know it you are 500 dollars of MLM fees in the hole and a low income comming in for your monthly residual. I picked energy and renewable energy ( /choice)because it is a product that everyone needs and already uses. The company I work for gives discounts to the customer so they have the option to switch from the monopoly and pay lower rates. Not every state offers this, but most do.

The fifth thing and final thing if all else fails. If you just can't find an easier way to make money and my suggestions did not work. You can get your lazy ass off of the computer and go job hunting. Right now there are tons of Americans out of work. Why are they out of work? Because they can't find a job that they like. Plain and simple....Just because you were a big shot somewhere and made 300,000 dollars a year doesn't mean a company is going to hire you at the same pay or position.

These days its almost like you have to start over. Down size your expensive life style and live within your means. There are jobs out there, they might not be what you want or what your degree tells you you can do, but jobs are out there. The Country is tired of paying your benifits to sit on your ass and play PS3, get up and do something and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Hell if I was out of work (which I've been there by the way) I know damn well I'd be out doing anything to survive and put food on the table for my family. I'd shovel horse dung if I had to. Homeless people even make over 20 dollars and hour panhandeling!

If I have offended you in anyway I am sorry here is a box of tissues, I'll call the waaaambulance for you. If I have motivated you, GREAT!! If I have made you laugh, GREAT!! The world needs another smiling person. If I have sparked your interest, you can pick any of the five steps, they are proven easy ways to make money now. Good luck and Godspeed!!

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