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50 Effective Marketing Tips Exposed Part 1
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50 Effective Marketing Tips Exposed Part 1

I've been doing research on marketing and how to expand your business. While doing all the research I have came across a lot of marketing strategies that have helped business grow. And I would like to share what I have found with you in this article of 50 Effective Marketing Tips Exposed. I've divided the tips into 5 parts to that the article is not going to be long and bore you.

Without further a due, tips 1 to 10:

01. Money Back Guarantee.

If you are really confident with your product or services, give them your guarantee. Give their money back if they are not satisfied with what is been given to them. You will eventually attract more people to try your product and services. More often than not, they would not request for the money back if the product or services that you are offering are above and beyond their expectation.

02. Ask Permission and Use Customer Testimonials

People are more confident if they read experiences from others who are actually using your service or products.

03. Handout Gifts Which Are Different From Others

Handing out a pen with a logo of your company is plain boring. Try handing out something different. Try handing out an underwear with the logo of your company, or a santa claus hat with your logo or even a soap with your logo which they might use daily. For other creative ideas, I'll let you chip in and you can add in the comments.

04. Promoting While Your Customer is On Hold

If you are asking for your customer to hold before connecting them with the right person, make sure that the are given the information about the overall business services that you are offering. Because chances are high for them to engage you in your other services. It's better for you to use that time to promote your company rather then they listen to a monotone music.

05. Get Accredited by A Third Party

If the is a way for you to be accredited or getting a professional recognition within the industry that you are in, make sure that you spend some time to do so. It might not be cheap, but it benefits you in the long run and that would add value to your business.

06. Broadcast Yourself On YouTube.

The late Steve Jobs, during his time at Apple uses YouTube every time when he does a product launch. Many people attended his product launch or watch them life online, but a huge number of people would go back to YouTube to listen to his keynote over and over again. He is getting huge number of viewers at a huge cost. (but wait, YouTube is FREE). That's my point. He is getting huge number of viewers at NO cost. If Steve Jobs did that, there are definitely a lot of good in it.

07. Maximize Your Branding Using Your Business Stationary

Put in your company name or business with your expertise on all your letter head, envelope, greeting card, T-shirt and corporate shirt, pen and pencil. It is an easy way to send out the message to people about your business and reflect a good image about your company.

08. Start Blogging

If you are intimidated to write on a website start blogging. It is more informal and more engaging. It is also a cheap way for you to share your expertise. A good blog would make you more popular and gain more followers within your line of expertise. Your can start blogging with Blogger or Wordpress. And since you are in WA, why not just head over to the blogging section and start pouring what's on your mind.

09. Maximize Your Company's Business Card

We usually get the old boring business card that says:

Craig Anderson


Craig Anderson & Sons Inc.

You don't want to be just be another Craig Anderson & Sons Inc. business. Use the business card that you have to its max. Use it to inform people about the type of business that you are in or what your expertise are so that it would be much easier for your potential customer to find you. Extra tips: Try giving 2 business cards when you introduce yourself and tell them to give the extra card to someone that might need your expertise. This would easily expand the reach for your business.

10. Add New Information To Your Website

First of all, don't worry too much about SEO (search engine optimization) to get better ranking within Google. What you need to do is consistently add great content or useful information.Try every week. You will be amazed to see your ranking goes higher in Google. But if you want to learn about SEO, there are a huge resources within WA that could help you achieve better ranking in Google.

There you have it guys, 50 marketing tips Part 1 (Tips 1 to 10). If you have tried any of the tips above, share your experience within the comments area. If you have your own successful marketing tips, do share as I'm interested to know.

Hope that this article have helped in what ever small manner.

Street Talk

Really like the idea of testimonials. That's often a section I check out when I'm looking at a product. Thanks for this

  about 9 years ago

You hit the nail on the head, that is some practical idea to follow to achieve success in the market.

  about 9 years ago

Hey Anwar, Your article is rich, informative and helpful. Thank you very much.

  about 9 years ago

You're welcome Geoffrey

  about 9 years ago

thank you. When should we expect your profile and photo?

  about 9 years ago
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