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How Many Ways To Advertise Your Business Are Still Effective?
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There are many ways to advertise your business and some work better than others. However none of them can reach your target market more effectively and quicker than Mobile Text Marketing.

For most companies, Mobile Text Marketing is one of the best ways to advertise your business because your message can be sent when you want and from where ever you are in an instant. With close to 6 Trillion text messages sent worldwide last year, texting has become one of, if not the best ways people communicate with each other. Europe, Japan and the Asian markets have used this campaign for years while it is relatively new to the US. Companies who take advantage of using text message marketing first will stand out from their competition and create an additional revenue stream. Those who procrastinate will only think what could have been.

While Mobile Text Marketing can be used by itself in an advertising campaign, let's take a quick look at how it can be implemented with 2 existing marketing strategies in order to increase the effectiveness of those campaigns.

PRINT ADS: Print ads have been around forever and were once the only way for a business to advertise their business but are they still effective? For some businesses yes, but for others I'm not so sure. In our fast paced society, I think you will agree that most people find time to read the paper or a magazine in the very beginning or the very end of the day. There are just too many things going on during those between hours to stop, relax and give a quick read. Will the memory of your ad be retained throughout the day or after a night sleep? WHY TAKE A CHANCE? By combining Mobile Text Marketing with your print ad campaign, you can send a reminder text message to your customer anytime of the day or night.

EMAIL: Does an email reach your customer at the right time? Again, if you are like me, days could go by before I read my email because I know any important information will be sent to me by text. It is just a more convenient and effective way to get in touch with someone. That does not mean that your emails are not important. It just means that by alerting your customer with a text message that you sent a very important email for them to check out, you have covered all the bases to make sure they received your timely promotion.

As you can see, Mobile Text Marketing is one of the best ways to advertise your business and reach out to the consumer. Obviously you are the business owner and will be the final say on ways to advertise your business but with close to 300 million people in the US carrying a cell phone with them every minute of the day, don't you think you should consider it?

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